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I’m trying

November 27, 2008

tvAs I write this, I am enjoying a few moments of silence.  I am trying to maintain my sanity during this trip to hang with my family in NC but it is hard for sure.  The TV was on almost the entire evening last night.  I got away with putting Christmas music on for a little while so that was nice.  The TV has been on ALL morning.  Thankfully it is the Macy’s T’giving day parade so at least it is tolerable (in comparison to other rather unsavory choices).  I cannot count the off color jokes that have been made and the multipe references to how unhappy people are that Obama will be our new president.  I even heard one, “He won’t be my president.”  What does that mean anyway?  Maybe next time I should say something like, “Well, what country are you going to apply to for citizenship?”  Hah.  Then there’s the cocophany of nerf guns that are going off.  They are REALLY loud when you cycle through them.  If I have children, I wonder if I will let them play with guns.  At this point, I think not.

So the reason it’s just me and my Grandfather here is that my toe has been acting up lately…I think it has been feeling good to the point of my forgetting I still need to be gentle with it.  There is also a weird place that I wonder if the incision is doing something strange.  I sure hope not.  Interesting that I am in the middle of Shane Claiborne’s The Irresistable Revolution and have been reading here.  More on that later.

All that said, I am not miserable.  I hope everyone out there in the blogosphere is having a great Thanksgiving Day.  And for those of you who aren’t, well, I hope it passes quickly. 

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October 8, 2008

Hello friends.  Today I am exhausted.  For some reason I didn’t sleep very well last night even though I took narcotics before going to bed.  I will be napping soon for sure.  The trip to the doctors was uneventful which is good when you are talking about trips to the doctors.  They took the bandages off, redid the steri strips that are providing support to the internal stitches, and gave me a thing-a-ma-bob to help keep my toe pulled slightly to the right to help it heal right.  The doc doesn’t want to see me for a month.  I need to keep it dry for another week so I will continue to use the trash bags with medical tape trick, but other than that, I am free to hobble around at will.  I don’t want to get too cheeky though…it hurts like…it hurts a lot if I try to bend it normally.  And now for nap time…


October 5, 2008

So I’m screwed.  Literally.  As it turns out, this is a good thing.  The alternative was removing the piece of bone that had broken off and reattaching the ligaments to the big bone.  This can be more clearly seen in my previous post.

So the surgery went well, the hardware was installed and apparently I am much funnier than I ever would have thought.  At least the nurse I had after my surgery thought so.  I have a vague recollection of saying, “So tell me about metal detectors…” to which my nurse replied, to my chagrin, “I don’t know anything about them.”  What I was getting at in a round about way, was whether or not the screw in my “great toe” as they like to call it in the medical field, would set off metal detectors forever making airplane trips more difficult.  She did not know.  My friend Heather may have some additional witty comments to post about my transition from anesthesia to reality.  I will leave that up to her.  I am indebted to her great assistance after the surgery.  She was shanghaied into signing a paper to spend the night with me and did it willingly.  And her daughter was so sweet.  She earned the title Nurse Jayne Fuzzy Wuzzy Jr. after my Grandmere the RN.  She even was willing to part with her favorite blanket during the surgery though I had to decline her generous offer.  So Mike did a great job putting the screw in, Omalley the anesthesiologist said I was a cheap date because I didn’t require a lot of drugs, and Frank the anesthesiologist nurse was the one to give me the good drugs that knocked me out.  And it was much better than the ankle surgery.  I hated coming out of that!  What a nightmare.  Anyway, I am all set with chips and salsa, Izze, and york peppermint patties not to mention a ridiculous amount of reading and blogging time as I keep my foot up to avoid the awful throbbing pain associated with cutting ones foot open.  Thank you for all your prayers.  Here’s for a speedy (but not too speedy) recovery.


October 3, 2008

I know it’s been quiet on my blog lately…I have had a lot to get set up for surgery that will be happening tomorrow, Saturday, October 4th.  Please say prayers for me!  They will be using a small screw to reattach the bone if they can.  If they can’t they will have to reattach my tendons which will probably take a lot longer to heal.  I will be missing a ton of work which is a bummer because it means I will be burning up all my vacation and medical time.  I hope to take advantage of the time off and read some great books and blog about some stuff I have been wanting to write about.  Well, that’s all for now.  If you want to get me all fired up, ask about how helpful my insurance company was in getting me a walking cast.  I feel my blood pressure rising now…