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Did you know? (3.0)

April 4, 2009

What does it all mean?

This video is mind blowing to me.  I’m not sure what I think about it, how to respond to it, or what it means for me today.  I do know that the info presented will undoubtedly affect my life.  And I do know that we need to look outside our bubble of The United States of America and realize the part we play in the global community.

What do you think?


Wide Open Spaces

September 20, 2008

In my minds eye, I often imagine myself in a wide open space.  Usually a beautiful meadow with rolling hills and wild flowers all around.  It’s peaceful.  It’s energizing.  It’s full of possibilities.  Sometimes I ride a horse through this beautiful landscape.  Sometimes I lay on my back and soak in the warmth of the sun.  I have often thought, “Maybe I’ll get to live somewhere like this one day.” 

Now to shift gears for a minute (I’ll get b ack to the rolling hills in a minute), I often feel too big for the places I find myself in. On this note I am speaking figuratively.  It’s like my dreams are too big.  My desires are too lofty.  My hopes too hopeful. 

To tie these two seemingly random thoughts together, for those of you who keep up with my blog, you will rememer a couple posts about technology recently.  I am still far from being a techno-geek but I feel as though all the doors have been thrown open in this realm.  There are so many possibilities!  10 years ago, chat rooms and Instant Messaging were big.  Now I can teleconference with people all over the world for free.  So how does this tie to my rolling hills and wild flower meadows?  I think quite possibly the internet could be my wide open space.  It is possible that the ministry God is calling me to includes the internet in a big way.  I feel as though there is room to breath.  There is room to be me.  There is enough space for us all.  The possibilities are endless.  And that my friends, is exciting.

Photo by: Tim Wilson

Tweet, tweet…

September 13, 2008

So I decided to “join” twitter.  My initial response is:

1) It is neat.
2) It is addictive.

I was also very intrigued by the most distinguished moderators blog titled Three Ways to Stay Connected.  He said: “Online interaction is NOT an extra burden or item on my to-do list, but a natural extension of the way I interact with and have experienced the community and the world.”  That is eve opening for me.  It is challenging to me.  It is encouraging to me.  And who knew that blogging was a spiritual practice!

I am also challenged that someone who defines themselves as “a quickly aging Presbyterian pastor who is probably not as cool or hip as [he] once thought [he] was” is far exceeding my techno abilities!  There are 14, yes FOURTEEN, icons on his blog that I don’t have a clue what the are and yet he has them all linked together! 

The world is transforming and I don’t want to be left behind.  Now…to figure out how to twitter on facebook…