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Great tattoo

July 18, 2008

Saw this randomly on flickr today.  What a great tat. 

photo by: doomyeti


I did it!

April 13, 2008

Sara\'s TattooSo I did it.  I got the tattoo.  And yes, it did hurt.  As much as having a little needle jab in and out of your skin super fast is going to hurt.  I showed a handful of folks the tattoo today at church and that was what everyone wanted to know.  It is a logical question for sure, but it’s funny to me when women who have given birth comment on the pain.  It makes me want to ask them, “And sqeezing a water melon sized object out of a lemon sized hole doesn’t hurt?”  Yeah…it’s different…but the pain level definitely doesn’t compare from the way it has been described to me.  I can’t say from personal experience as I have not yet given birth but well…call it a hunch.  Anyway, I am happy with my body art.  Maybe now I won’t be as forgetful about who I am.

It’s official

March 27, 2008

i’m in a funk.  it is taking me a really long time to finish things and i don’t have time for that.  i have a ton of work to do for my classes but i am constantly tired and not motivated to do what I need to do for school.  i am drained before i even start the day and i would rather read some new books i got recently or sleep or blog or…


i really wish the people in my life had more time for me.  and yes, that seems like it is coming out of the blue but i guess maybe me ‘funk’ is related to lack of meaningful human interaction.  the blogosphere has been kinda dry too. 

oh well.  i have the name of a guy who did my friends tattoo recently.  i didn’t get any feedback on my tattoo blog…cat got your tongue?


March 23, 2008

So I have wanted to get a tattoo for a while.  And when I say a while, I mean 7 years or so.  Initially I wanted to get an ichthus (spelling?) but that symbol seems too commercialized now a days.  So now I am thinking of something like this:


I actually like this one better because it is simpler:


Just for clarification, I do not want a tattoo of the offering plate (tres strange) but rather just the emblem on the offering plate.

 I am thinking of getting it on my forearm just below my wrist and about the size of a silver dollar.  That way it would be a visible reminder to me but would also not be out there in people’s faces or very visible when I wear nice things.

So…any thoughts on the design or on tattoos in general?  Do any of my PCUSA pastor friends out there know whether this symbol is associated with ordination?  If it is then I definitely won’t be getting it any time soon.  That would be a bit presumptuous on my part I think.  That’s a long road I have yet to travel…