How Long?

A Psalm of Lament for that which has not yet come and may never be

How long, O Lord, will you let me suffer?
How long will you let my waking and
my  sleeping be plagued by doubt?
Will you not come to the aid of Your child?
Will you not speak words of comfort to me
as my doubt and despair consume me?
Why are you so far from me when I am
so desperately in need of your healing presence?
Will you quell the storm within my soul?
Will you heal my soul or shall I die?
Shall I die inside as my desires are swept away?
Is there hope of something new?
Is there hope in You, O my God?
In You I have placed my trust,
O Lord, under your wings  I will rest.
For You, O Lord, will redeem what is lost
And bring forth life in places it has never been.


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