The Etching on the Glass

So in my room at Princeton Seminary I have one window.  It is an old window that is controlled by wieghts attached to ropes.  I think they are the original windows.  There are three names etched into one the panes of glass:

  1. D. Turner
  2. K. J. Moore
  3. C. G. Vardell

I am intrigued about these past inhabitants of my room so I am trying to find out who there are.  I think I might have found a winner with Rev. Dr. Charles Graves Vardell.  Below is an excerpt from “Scots and Scots’ descendants in America” By Donald John MacDougall.  Pretty neat.


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2 Responses to “The Etching on the Glass”

  1. tenaciousweed Says:

    Congrats on finding treasure:-)

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Thanks! : )

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