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The Etching on the Glass

July 29, 2009

So in my room at Princeton Seminary I have one window.  It is an old window that is controlled by wieghts attached to ropes.  I think they are the original windows.  There are three names etched into one the panes of glass:

  1. D. Turner
  2. K. J. Moore
  3. C. G. Vardell

I am intrigued about these past inhabitants of my room so I am trying to find out who there are.  I think I might have found a winner with Rev. Dr. Charles Graves Vardell.  Below is an excerpt from “Scots and Scots’ descendants in America” By Donald John MacDougall.  Pretty neat.



July 15, 2009

Summer Greek started this past Monday and is in full swing with 3 hours of class each morning, a quiz every day, and an exam every Friday (except this one).  Learning the parts has not been too difficult but trying to put it all together is a definite challenge.  One of the words I have learned thus far is δοũλος.  δοũλος is the Greek word for ‘slave’ or ‘servant’ in Biblical Greek.  A (rough) transliteration is ‘due-lohs.’  The word itself is not too terribly significant, but it stands out to me because of something my professor said on the second day of class.  I had a couple questions to ask and when I approached the prof about to ask about them he said he absolutely had time for questions and then he said these words: “I am your servant.”  I have never heard these words uttered before in this way.  There have been meaningful variations such as “I am here to serve” but the emphasis is still on the person saying the words.  “I am your servant” is downright intense.  And downright humbling when it is said by a person who is in a position of authority.  Many have used the term “servant leadership” but that term doesn’t seem to cut it.  I am thankful for such a wonderful example of servanthood as well as the fact that my prof took the time to answer my questions about class thus far.  Anyway, regardless of how this hits anyone else, a sizeable shift took place within me at that moment. 

I press on that I might live to serve.

Finding a Local Church

July 11, 2009

My move to Princeton is complete…mostly.  : )  I won’t be in my dorm room until Sunday night, but other than that, I’m here!  There are many, MANY things I am thinking about…the newness of everything…starting Greek in a day…meeting new people…and finding a local church.  With respect to the last item I would love suggestions, advice, things to look for, etc.  How do I discern the personality of a church?  What are good questions to ask?  What specific questions should I ask the pastor?