All things come together…

  • Address? Check!
  • Someone to help me drive to NJ? Check!
  • Write essay and curriculum vitae for the grant I am applying for? Check!

Also accomplished today…

  • Scanned a TON of documents to reduce the amount of paperwork I have to haul around
  • Found PDFs of many of the owner’s manuals I had so I could lighten m load there
  • Took all the pictures/stuff all the walls
  • Got all the tchotchkes from around the apartment to pack
  • Reserved a truck!

As it turns out, my dorm assignment is the same for Summer and Fall.  Hopefully I won’t have to move out for the two week break.  Even if I can’t stay during the break if my stuff can that would be awesome.  It’s on the fourth floor, but I need the exercise anyway. 

Still a lot to do…

  • Shred the large stack of papers I have created with scanning
  • Figure out which books I am taking to seminary and pack them all us (this is a biggie)
  • Call everyone and their mother (figuratively) to let them know about my address change
  • Find a storage unit near PTS
  • Find people to help move furniture to my friends house and load boxes
  • Various other little things

I guess that’s all for now…I am getting more excited now.  I don’t think the goodbyes have become a reality yet.

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