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All things come together…

June 15, 2009
  • Address? Check!
  • Someone to help me drive to NJ? Check!
  • Write essay and curriculum vitae for the grant I am applying for? Check!

Also accomplished today…

  • Scanned a TON of documents to reduce the amount of paperwork I have to haul around
  • Found PDFs of many of the owner’s manuals I had so I could lighten m load there
  • Took all the pictures/stuff all the walls
  • Got all the tchotchkes from around the apartment to pack
  • Reserved a truck!

As it turns out, my dorm assignment is the same for Summer and Fall.  Hopefully I won’t have to move out for the two week break.  Even if I can’t stay during the break if my stuff can that would be awesome.  It’s on the fourth floor, but I need the exercise anyway. 

Still a lot to do…

  • Shred the large stack of papers I have created with scanning
  • Figure out which books I am taking to seminary and pack them all us (this is a biggie)
  • Call everyone and their mother (figuratively) to let them know about my address change
  • Find a storage unit near PTS
  • Find people to help move furniture to my friends house and load boxes
  • Various other little things

I guess that’s all for now…I am getting more excited now.  I don’t think the goodbyes have become a reality yet.



June 11, 2009
Photo by: erix!

Photo by: erix!

Last Friday was my last day of work.  I was very ready to be done with my job.  Not because the job was bad or anything along those lines…I was just ready to be done.  I was so ready to be done that I had a dream where I was in prison and escaped.  Unfortunately in my dream they caught me and put me back in prison.  But that’s a rabbit-hole.  I expected to be ecstatic that I was done with work.  I expected to be energized and ready to start gearing up for the move.  Suprise, suprise…I wasn’t.  In fact I was pretty bummed in general.  I was talking to my good friend 10-weed last night and I realized that what I am wrestling with is mostly fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of not knowing how all the details are going to come together.  I’ve got furniture going one place, some of my stuff going with me up to NJ, and a small amount of things staying in VA.  I don’t have an address in NJ yet.  I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out with residency (NJ vs. VA; Do I have a choice since I am in school or do I have to switch to NJ because I won’t really have an address in VA anymore?).  Then there is the question of how I am going to get my stuff up to NJ.  I looked into a POD thinking that was going to be unbelievably expensive.  But since it’s just me, the alternative of driving a truck with my stuff means I would have to tow my car behind the truck.  Aside from the fact that driving a truck with a car towed behind it would be difficult, it would take longer, and it would be downright stressful.  So basically everything is up in the air and I’m trying to stay grounded but it is proving harder than I thought.  I am excited about moving on, but apprehensive as well.  The stress of trying to get there is overwhelming.  I found myself wondering, “Am I ready for this?”  But today is a better day.  And I am hopeful and optimistic that things will come together.  And that’s a good start.

Read the Bible in a Year

June 9, 2009

So a friend of mine told me about a web page that will let you set up a reading plan starting on the 1st or 15th of any month to read through the Bible in a year.  There are tons of versions and you can do a chronological reading, old & new testament reading, or a few other choices.  It’s a pretty neat site.  I just set my plan up and figured I would pass along the info to any who are interested.  : )  Enjoy!

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Stuff Christians Like

June 9, 2009

Another funny website recommended by Relevant Magazine: Stuff Christians Like.

A play off from the Stuff White People Like blog, the Stuff Christians Like blog is funny…if you remember to not take yourself too seriously.  So leave your self righteousness at the door and check it out!

Lark News

June 9, 2009

Just found out about a fun/ny Christian News website: Lark News.  Some of their content might be offensive to some but only if you have what Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol Howard Merritt refer to as a ‘God Complex.’  (A shamless plug for the new God Complex radio show Mondays at 12pm EST).  *shrug*  Anywho, Relevant magazine has compared Lark News to The Onion. 

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