I took the Bible Content Exam (BCE) today.  For those of you who are not the Presbyterian type, that’s the first test required as a part of the ordination process.  It is a 100 question, multiple choice test and is not meant to be super hard.  On top of that, you only have to get a 70 or above.  BUT! some of the questions on the test are kinda crazy.  Things like “Who said (inset semi-familiar, somewhat random verse sinppet here)?”  and “What prophet spoke to the such-and-such area when so-and-so was king?”  I have no idea if I will pass it or not (yes, even when I only need a 70).  But then again, I have had very little formal education in Biblical studies.  There were quite a few questions that I knew the answer only because of what I learned in the last year.  Considering that I have been a Christian for over 14 years, I’d say that’s pretty significant.  And it is not stuff I learned in the graduate classes I have taken.  I digress.  I wish I had been able to look over more of the olf tests before taking the test today.  And I wish I had been able to study more Old Testament “stuff” before hand like I planned.  But it didn’t happen.  If I fail, it’s not a big deal.  I have plenty of time to take it again.  And I was able to see some trends in areas of the Bible I am not as proficient in: the Prophets (both major and minor) and some of the epistles.  So for now I will move on to other things and wait to hear about the results.

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