A Book Review: the Blue Parakeet by Scot McKnight

The subtitle for the Blue Parakeet reads: “Rethinking How You Read the Bible.”  After taking a class in Biblical Hermeneutics (the science of the interpretation of the Bible) two semesters ago, I am very interested in this conversation.  The title reflects the main analogy, or parable if you will, that Scot McKnight uses throughout his book to assist readers in connecting the ideas he presents in this book.  The first three “parts” are dedicated to…
                  What is the Bible?
                                 What Do I Do with the Bible?
              and                                 How Do I Benefit from the Bible?


Photo by: Zondervan

In the last partof the book, McKnight uses a somewhat controversial topic to discuss the points he makes in the beginning of the book: The Question of Women in Ministry.  And he does a good job of building a case for the support of women in ministry by highlighting what women did in the old testament and new testament as well as the cultural aspects that are often not taken into account when interpreting the passages where Paul is often said to be silencing women in the church.  Though I think McKnight has great ideas and is able to communicate them in down to earth, practical ways, I found the writing to be very choppy and somewhat hard to follow at times.  It was an interesting book and I am glad I read it.  I think it would be a good primer, if you will, to offer folks who are interested in understanding where folks who support women in ministry are coming from.  While they may not agree, at least they may get a glimpse of the fact that those who do support women in ministry aren’t ignoring the difficult passages in order to do what they want to do.


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