RevGals Friday Five: Cabin Fever

Rick C

Photo by: Rick C

For this weeks Friday Five over at REVGALs, Singing Owl writes…

Sorry for the late posting! My daughter’s car won’t start, and I just returned from driving her to work. I think she made need a block heater. Speaking of that…

Here in snow country we are settled in to what is a very long stretch of potentially boring days. The holidays are over. It is a very long time till we will get outside on a regular basis. The snow that seemed so beautiful at first is now dirty and the snow banks are piling up. Our vehicles are all the same shade of brownish grey, but if we go to the car wash our doors will freeze shut. People get grumpy. Of course, not everyone lives in a cold climate, but even in warmer places the days till springtime can get long. Help! Please give us five suggestions for combating cabin fever and staying cheerful in our monochromatic world?

Well, while the weather guessers threatened it would snow as much as 6 inches earlier this week, we have none.  And since my job would require me to get rid of it from the sidewalks and parking lots of a 30 building facility, I am okay with that.  Very okay in fact.  But none the less, I will do what I can to offer help to those in the more “warmth challenged” areas of the country and world with my five suggestions for combating cabin fever.  I will warn you…some of them are ridiculous.

  1. Trucker night.  Dress up in flannel shirts and ball caps and eat dinner with your hands.  (No offense intended to truckers…it’s just something ridiculous to do)
  2. Breakfast for dinner.  This might help break up the monotony a bit.
  3. Eat dessert first.  ‘Nuff said.
  4. Look through old pictures or boxes of art the kids made when they were small(er).  That is if you have kids.  I don’t, but then again this isn’t for me.
  5. Make a time capsule.  True, you can’t bury it if the ground is frozen, but maybe it can go up in the attic.
  6. BONUS: Purge!  Not sure if this is true of everyone, but getting rid of stuff I don’t need is very energizing.  Granted you would have to take it to the car through the snow, but maybe that wouldn’t be so bad?  *shrug*

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9 Responses to “RevGals Friday Five: Cabin Fever”

  1. Sally Says:

    :-) love the thought of trucker nights- what fun

  2. Mrs. M Says:

    I definitely clean things out over the winter. Maybe because I’m home more to see all of our crap?

  3. hotcup Says:

    purging… yep. big fan o’ that. when the weather gets conducive enough for travelling again the goodwill is gonna either love me or hate me… there’s boxes kids. boxess of stuff that’s gotta, gotta GO.

  4. Shalom Says:

    Very intrigued by the trucker suggestion. :) And I find myself doing some purging too – good idea. Fun play!

  5. Purple Says:

    #3…most definately.

  6. pinkhammer Says:

    Thanks for stopping by to say “hi” everyone! : )

  7. SingingOwl Says:

    Some awfully good ideas for someone who is not in the snow! Thanks for playing…trucker night…heh heh heh…

  8. RevAnne Says:

    Mmm…breakfast for dinner. That’s a favorite around here almost any time!

  9. pinkhammer Says:

    Glad to help out Singin Owl. : )

    My family didn’t do breakfast for dinner growing up so to me it is rather strange! But I definitely think it’s a great idea!

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