Friday Five: Take Me or Leave me baby

Over at REVGALS, Songbird wrote up the Friday Five for this week.  She posted the video below and then the Friday Five for the day.

Although written by a young man, this song from “Rent” became an anthem for women of a certain age ready to be taken on their own terms. Maureen and Joanne love each other, but they are *very* different.

Whether it’s new friends or new loves or new employers, what are five things people should know about you?

  1. There are certain noises that really bother me.  They get in my head.  Tapping is one of them.  Potato chip bgs are another.
  2. I love chocolate.  Hell, I love food!
  3. I don’t do chit chat very well.  Just cut to the chase.  Give me the bottom line.
  4. I’m not usually half hearted in anything.  If you aren’t committed to the friendship/relationship/etc., it’s probably not going to work out.
  5. I often don’t “get” jokes. Don’t take it personally.  My brain just doesn’t interpret tha kind of thing well.

(Video from the 10th Anniversary performance of “Rent” on Broadway, with original cast members Idina Menzel and Fredi Walker.)


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12 Responses to “Friday Five: Take Me or Leave me baby”

  1. RevDrKate Says:

    With you on #3 and 4

  2. Songbird Says:

    Oh, chocolate. It is SO good.

  3. fishclamor Says:

    you get jokes. you laugh from your toes. you just don’t get MY jokes. that is because what is funny about my jokes is that they are not funny. so i think you get jokes just fine and should give yourself more credit on number 5, like, “i don’t get jokes that are not funny. and fish, you make me laugh inside my head, no really, i swear.”

  4. pinkhammer Says:

    Oh, fish. You’re not the only one. I promise. There are many others who have had to deal with my lack of humor. It’s cause I analyze things. You can’t analyze jokes. It just doesn’t work. And I usually laugh from my toes when I am in an unusually silly mood. : )

  5. fishclamor Says:

    oh. well. i know i’m the only one in the undersea world where fish have to find freakin’ ladders, and see that right there is not one bit funny but you are in the tub laughing right this minute. right? right? see. you know the not-funny funny when you see it. that’s exactly why you don’t get MY jokes. so who are the other ones? undersea or above water? i want to hear THEIR jokes.

    when will you ever bless my heart, pinkbean?

    love, fish

  6. mompriest Says:

    It can take me a while to get a joke too…that or I am the one telling jokes that aren’t funny to anyone but me…sigh…

  7. pinkhammer Says:

    I can totally relate, mompriest!

  8. pinkhammer Says:

    Well bless your heart, my fishy friend!

  9. tenaciousweed Says:

    i’m in mompriest’s camp, too. and laughing solo sometimes does the trick to keep from popping with the life stress on. officially promoting self-induced laughter for good health!

  10. pinkhammer Says:


  11. joanna Says:

    I’m with you on that chit chat thing. It doesn’t help with making friends. alas.

  12. pinkhammer Says:

    Yeah…that’s true Joanna. Although we probably make friends with people who also don’t like chit chat. : )

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