On Missing Out

I went to a basket ball game this evening with a couple friends of mine.  It was a local university vs. a university not too far away.  I have no special ties to either school except for the fact that I live close to one of them.  I went to hang out with people basically since I am not a big sports buff.  Some things about sporting events are mystifying to me.  Like the personal relationships that some fans have, or desire, with the players.  The fans don’t know the players.  They have never spoken with them.  They don’t know much (if anything) the player, where they have come from, and what makes them tick.  And yet they have this relationship with them.  Or how about the folks who give advice to the people playing whatever game is going on.  It is as if they believe 1) the players can actually hear them 2) what they have to say to the players is going to be helpful and 3) that they themselves are capable of doing what the players are doing.  Strange.  Strange indeed.

But I didn’t go for the game: I went for the experience.  And as I walked through the stadium with my friends I realized something kind of sad.  The fog that I have been living in for so many years has prevented so many experiences like this one.  There are literally thousands of opportunities that I have passed up that cannot be recovered.  The only comforting thing is that there are so many thousands more waiting to be had!  Carpe diem!


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4 Responses to “On Missing Out”

  1. fishclamor Says:

    so. what’s next for us on the colorwheel, pink?

    send your replies to me at-home.


    ruthie (fish’s)

  2. Ruth Says:

    Maybe the “fog” was one of the experiences of life, remember that. Nothing is wasted. But I’m so glad you’re in a more alert, excited space. Also, I will email you soon, I promise.

  3. pinkhammer Says:

    Sounds good, Ruth. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Nothing is wasted.

    I like that.

  4. pinkhammer Says:

    Ruth, I had an epiphany last night that is somewhat related to this. I hadn’t paid attention to the fact that it actually was Epiphany so that was kinda cool. Your comment about “nothing is wasted” came to mind when I realized that. – Pink

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