On the light at the end of the tunnel

Today I felt much more myself.  That’s a very nice feeling.  It’s funny getting older…becoming more comfortable in my own skin…finding myself more and more each day…realizing that I have been at odds with myself because I didn’t know who I was.  And while I still wonder what name God will call me one day, I am certain that the whispers I hear through the fog is from the mouth of the God who calls me beloved.  A delicate thing indeed, God’s careful creation of character within the hearts of those who search out the face of God. 

For those of you who read this blog, I am terribly sorry for the long hiatus I took from writing.  I had so much to say I couldn’t put words to it.  And while I know that sounds ridiculous, it’s true..at least partially.

Lots has happened in the last month…some things I will blog about, others I won’t.  But it’s nice to have people on this journey with me so thanks for reading me.  For now I bid you adieu.  I hope I have a restful nights sleep.  The past few nights have been rather restless.



2 Responses to “On the light at the end of the tunnel”

  1. fishclamor Says:

    what a lovely, poetic entry! and not writing is ok. usually when you start again it’s better. anyway this is a wonderful entry and i’m glad i got up and came downstairs to read it. well i had to. get the rest. of the. choklit.

  2. fishclamor Says:

    oh, i remember now–the last bit of your first paragraph left a dreamy picture (with audio–well done, pink!) in my head so obviously i fell right back to dreamland.

    i’m glad you’re more comfortable in your skin. you would surely be jealous if someone else were walking around in your skin.

    i thought turning 28 began the happiest time of my life in terms of knowing who & what i was. men don’t even really fill out in their torsos and shoulders till then. and you know the muscles of a mother are strongest under the wing…

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