On Friends

Due partly to my introverted-ness (yes, really) I have not had many close friends growing up.  The super close, share everything, and do everything together friendships eluded me.  While I still don’t have a “share everything do everything” type of friendship, I just want to publicly say that I have some great friends.  A friend is the type of person who you can call at any time.  A friend is someone you can ask for stuff and not have to worry about imposing because they will tell you if they can’t or dont’ want to do what you have asked.  A friend is someone who helps out figure out who you are and then helps you learn to celebrate that.

I’d like to thank my friends Tenacious Weed and Fish Clamor for their steadfast love.  Thank you for mothering me and sistering me.  Thank you for being there for me even when (especially when!) that meant being with me when I was feeling blue.  Thank you for cheesy rice, help with laundry, movies borrowed, dishes washed, fabulous compliments, and much chocolate!  Thank you for letting me give and helping me learn how to receive.

You guys rock and I just wanted the world to know.


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11 Responses to “On Friends”

  1. tenaciousweed Says:

    Thanks, sistermotherfriend. I appreciate you very much. Your peaceful spirit and gentle heart allow others to be who they are, and who they are becoming, while trusting your genuine care. Mooooooooooooochas gracias!

  2. fishclamor Says:

    yes, thank you sisterdaughterfriend. what a lovely thing to wake up to. i guess tenweed also knows that the peacefulness of your spirit exudes into your parking lot even when you are not-home. you are fabulous…and magNIFicent!
    love, fc

  3. pinkhammer Says:

    : )

  4. pinkhammer Says:

    One thing though, FC…don’t talk about my sinuses. ; )


  5. fishclamor Says:

    ok, but see RUTHIE has a care packageb4 u

  6. Pinkhammer Says:

    Well, I never!

  7. fishclamor Says:

    i know you never. i know when you are bad or good. she say they still make chlor-tabs and you need some. i won’t tell you what else she said, BUT she did not mention your sinuses, no really. we only talk about you because we find your sinuses so fascinating. delete this now. love you, fc

  8. pinkhammer Says:

    I can’t delete it. It’s here for EVER! I really need to meet Ruthie. At least on the telephone.

  9. fishclamor Says:

    she said, “don’t TALK about me meeting people on the telephone!”

    i show you how to delete. click on your messages button on your personal dashboard. then you mouse over one or all of my annoying comments and the word delete will magically appear. voilá! what would you do without me.

  10. pinkhammer Says:

    I should have said, “I won’t delete it!” Hah! ; )

  11. fishclamor Says:

    and you should take it every day, ruthie said.

    i’m covering my head now.

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