Well, I finally responded.  A while back I blogged about a message I got from a friend of mine who I know from college.  He and his wife were on staff with the parachurch organization that I was heavily involved in all four years of college.  I co-“led” a homegroup with him and was friends with both him and his wife.  I finally responded to him today.  A friend of mine posted a reponse to the message I received as I sent it to a few folks in my support network for prayer and thoughts on my response.  I got some great feedback from others as well.  I have been thinking about it some but just wasn’t ready to respond.  Anyway, I literally just sent it so who knows what kind of response I will receive, but here is what I wrote:

Hello (Friend’s name here) : ) 

It is good to hear from you. I hope you and (wife) and the kids are doing well. Please say “hi” for me!

Let me start my response by saying that I sincerely appreciate your concern as well as your willingness to dialogue with me about this. To cut to the chase, it all boils down to hermeneutics/interpretation. The context of the passage as well as the way the translators chose to interpret the words from hebrew or greek make a big difference in how any given passage is understood and applied today. I don’t think the truths change, I just think there is some legwork required to sort out the foundational truth(s) from the cultural application of Biblical times. So I am by no means ignoring the Bible as a whole or parts of it. The Bible is the inspired word of God. That said, I don’t cover my head in church and I don’t give money the the church in Jerusalem even though the Bible specifically says we are to do these things as well. Am I ignoring these things? Nope. I know they are there. I just think they were for a certain time and place.

Since you know me pretty well, it is safe to say that you know I am a leader. I always have been. In every area of my life I have been a leader. It seems odd to me that my gifts would be welcome everywhere but the one place it matters the most.

Once I started to feeling called to ministry (and by that I mean ministry in general), things got pretty intense. I have done a lot of reading on both sides of the issue. If you are interested in discussing more take a look at Discovering Biblical Equality by Pierce and Groothius. I read this alongside Piper’s Recovering Biblical Masculinity and Femininity and really learned a lot.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. It’s been a long day and I am tired. I hope you will be able to see that I am trying to honor God with my life regardless of the fact that we may always disagree on this issue.

Grace and peace,
Sara <><


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8 Responses to “Response”

  1. tenaciousweed Says:

    Nicely done, pink hammer. Honoring friend’s concern while retaining ground. Especially appreciate that you did not fall into a trap of defending your call;-)

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Thanks, TW. Yeah…it’s nice that I don’t have to defend my call or justify it. I think when it gets right down to it, someone who disagrees with my call can take it up with God.

  3. ixthusservant Says:

    Yah. I like your response; eloquent, soft-spoken but firm. Well done friend. Also, you got some wicked smart friends on here (reading back over the original posting of the note and the responses) and some wicked sassy ones. Good times.

  4. fishclamor Says:

    i like it too, pink. ixthusservant, i want to be one of the wicked smart AND wicked sassy friends. oh please oh please? ;-)

    by the way sara, i just want to say that the work you have done so far in ministry obviously spreads the tiny mustard seeds far & wide, and delivers the precious eggs right on time to those close to you. love, ws-squared.

  5. Sara Says:

    Thanks IS and FC. : ) Yes…wicked smart AND wicked sassy. And yes, FC, you are both as are a few of the others that comment here. : )

  6. Pinkhammer Says:

    PS – I love it when you call me “Pink,” FC. : )

  7. fishclamor Says:

    i know. that’s why i call you that!

  8. fishclamor Says:

    pink, it’s safe to stop by fishclamor. there’s just a photo at the top and nothing to read! check out the links though they might make you laugh AND tell you about the clamoring fish. you could leave an egg over there. HAAAAA! bye love fc ws-squared

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