dear sara

mcdear sara

      i love you.  we are playing hooooky today.  my mommy has to go to the dentist at noon.  pray that she will live?

i love you.  i love you.  i love you.  how’s your day going?  i love you.  what are you doing?  i love you.  what’s your favorite color?  i love you.  my favorite color is pink.  do you have a teddy?  today, my teddy is bleat, the goat.  my mommy named him that.  bleat was her first goat, and consequently, bleat was my first goat too!  i love you!  mommy says, “what else?”


   i say, “i don’t know.”  my mommy took this picture this morning and now her camera’s card reader is DEAD so she has lucy off to new jersey.  so you will have to pictures of me for awhile.  will you please take pictures of me till lucy comes back?  i love you.

i wonder what lucy is going to come back in.


mommy says, “a box.”


“why?  what would she come back in a box?  the mail?”


“yes, sugarbit, the mail.”


“sugar.  put i love you up there.”  i point to the top of the computer.


i go kook.  i don’t dafoofoof.  i waaaayyyy.  fi fi ha.  fi ha heah heah.


“are you done, mc?” mommy says.


i reply in strange baby language and mommy seems to be tired of that game.


“i’m not tired of it,” i say, three times.


“we have to go now cake.  say goodbye”


“don’t take a shower now”


“i’m taking a shower.  say goodbye honeypie.”




oh that is funny, mommy says under her breath.


“good-bye,” i say.


bye bye says mommy.


i love you.


bye, love, mc


typeed by mommy hope you like the picture!


3 Responses to “dear sara”

  1. fishclamor Says:

    oh. wow. oh! we love you! ><

  2. filed under “love” « Fish Clamor Says:

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  3. fishclamor Says:

    dear sara, i love you. would you please like to come over and watch me open presents on christmas morning? i love you. i’m 4. my mommy says it doesn’t get more fun than that. i love you. she also said you can’t BRING any presents, and i don’t know what that means, but i really love you and so naturally i want you to be here for christmas, whatever that is. i don’t know see cause i don’t remember the ones from when i was a beeeby. i love you. please come if you want to.

    love mary catherine

    ps i love you.

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