Anne Lamott

Anne LamottI have now read three books by Anne Lamott.  I must say that I really like her a lot.  Reading Anne gives my soul room to breathe.  I have been ruminating on why I like reading her and the best thing I can come up with is that she doesn’t hide things.  She doesn’t hide the things that suck.  She doesn’t hide her failures or her idiosyncrecies.  She doesn’t hide her inconsistancies or her impure motives.  She is out there with just about everything.  But to say she doesn’t hide things does not mean the oppsite is true; it does not mean she flaunts th pridefully; it does not mean she doesn’t give a damn.  Anne is just much more comfortable with, or at least stopped trying to control, the fact that she is a human.  She does not seem to be drunk with the illusion of perfection.  This is very refreshing and I feel as though I have been able to take slow deep breaths not just with my lungs, but inwardly.  That’s a nice feeling.


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4 Responses to “Anne Lamott”

  1. pinkhammer Says:

    Just noticed the interesting flow from Mother Teresa to Anne Lamott. Hah.

  2. fishclamor Says:

    wow, i hope she runs across this review. your last few sentences are the reason we write in the first place (so that we can breathe inside), and if a reader gets that from our work, WOW.

    thanks for so clearly identifying such a wonderful goal for writers to aspire to.

    get it? aspire????? right. well, it didn’t make me laugh either but it’s still funny.

    bye love fc

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