I’m trying

tvAs I write this, I am enjoying a few moments of silence.  I am trying to maintain my sanity during this trip to hang with my family in NC but it is hard for sure.  The TV was on almost the entire evening last night.  I got away with putting Christmas music on for a little while so that was nice.  The TV has been on ALL morning.  Thankfully it is the Macy’s T’giving day parade so at least it is tolerable (in comparison to other rather unsavory choices).  I cannot count the off color jokes that have been made and the multipe references to how unhappy people are that Obama will be our new president.  I even heard one, “He won’t be my president.”  What does that mean anyway?  Maybe next time I should say something like, “Well, what country are you going to apply to for citizenship?”  Hah.  Then there’s the cocophany of nerf guns that are going off.  They are REALLY loud when you cycle through them.  If I have children, I wonder if I will let them play with guns.  At this point, I think not.

So the reason it’s just me and my Grandfather here is that my toe has been acting up lately…I think it has been feeling good to the point of my forgetting I still need to be gentle with it.  There is also a weird place that I wonder if the incision is doing something strange.  I sure hope not.  Interesting that I am in the middle of Shane Claiborne’s The Irresistable Revolution and have been reading here.  More on that later.

All that said, I am not miserable.  I hope everyone out there in the blogosphere is having a great Thanksgiving Day.  And for those of you who aren’t, well, I hope it passes quickly. 

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6 Responses to “I’m trying”

  1. mary catherine Says:

    my mommy doesn’t let me play with guns & she doesn’t let anybody give me guns or play with guns around me or see any gun stuff on tv. what exactly is a gun?
    i mean, can you play groovy girls with one? is it handy at a tea party? can we play mommy-baby-switch with one? i love that game lately. i get to be the mommy and mommy gets to be the baby. do babies like guns? are they cuddly? will they help me learn the alphabet or the aleph-bet? can you ride one around the rock? can you play pretend-friend with one? can you play bears with it? i mean, i don’t know what a gun is, and that seems to be just fine with my mommy. when we were at the shelter, there was a “no toy-gun” rule and my mommy cleaned up all the guns and put them away in a closet and the mommies of the boys got very mad at her but i don’t know why; i was having lots of fun and so were all the girls. go figure. anyway, my mommy said she was just following the rules.

    well, i’m 4 and i wonder what a gun is but i figure that’s ok.


    ps pink pink pink is my favorite color and you’re pink! pink come over and let me love on you as soon as you get back!

  2. your friend, the batmatician-poet Says:

    i’m sorta puzzled by the logic in the grandfather-toe sentence. hmmmmm. where is your mommy?

    i’m sorry about your toe. i hope your incision does not give you trouble. scars can be tricky for awhile while the nerves accustom themselves to their new job of feeling things in a thing that you hope doesn’t feel anything. oh, my god, i love that sentence. can i rip it off for a story?

    read the poem, you nerd. it will take you to a place you’ll like to be for at least 10 minutes. it’s on line in case you forgot it plus i think you will like the letter to santa i wrote in 2002. go ahead, read it on the computer. i want you to laugh all the way from your whacked out toe and then i want you to read something you’ll like about mary. funny woman.

    we love you and happy thanksgiving!!!!!

    call us when you get home i’ll bring the mary song over. so easy and i can’t wait to hear you sing it.

  3. tenaciousweed Says:

    Being related to people, yet not relating to them is an odd sort of feeling, isn’t it? God’s kind in giving us a Christian family and family friends to keep us grounded, isn’t He? :))

  4. Ruth Says:

    I thought about you on Thanksgiving! I am sorry about the TV, that stinks. Take care of your precious self!

  5. fishclamor Says:

    PINK! are you home? can we come play with you????? love >< second one bigger. oh yeah, we hope your drive was safe. we were out CHOPPING when you called to announce your excape. we obtained nothing…that my husband knows about. ;0 see you soon. glad you’re home or on the way!

  6. imstarsmom Says:

    I must admit that I sometimes feel as if I’m not related to some of my siblings……and I dislike the way they act sometimes….the racial and political views you noted are ignorant and from someone who will never be changed….it also sucks that I feel as if they don’t really know me nor I them. This trip I learned something about one of them that surprised me…..just a simple conversation resulted in me knowing one more piece of info that made him tick….was this minute – of course, but I liked learning it. Re guns, had you had siblings you might not feel the way you do, it’s more of a competitive thing…….always remember u r <3’D!

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