Happy Birthday to Me

bday-cakeSo I have been 28 for a week now.  It doesn’t feel much different than 27 except the possible exception that I am quite cognizant that I am closer to turning 30.  : )

My birthday was GREAT!  I woke up and decided to have breakfast at the Waffle House.  I love the Waffle House because I feel like I am stepping back in time when I go in there.  It’s like the twilight zone.  I got calls from my mom and my friend Jen to start off the day which was lovely.  I worked most of the day but the guys I work with in the maintenance shop took me out to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays.  I tried something new and it was very delicious.  I left early and had a bit of down time before heading off to church for dinner and Bible study.  It was nice because I actually got there in time to have a relaxing meal instead of having to battle traffic and then eat quickly.  Then to top off the evening, I was treated to dessert by my friend and mentor ‘A.’  I had tiramisu and Bailey’s and Cream.  It was great!

It was a long day and I was very tired by the time I got home, but I felt loved and appreciated and thankful for another year of life.  In reflecting back on this year, it has been both exciting and trying.  In my 27th year of life I really began to understand God’s call on my life.  I also took the first steps towards that call and started seminary and became an Inquirer.  It has been a year of change.  The ideas and ideals that I have held for many years have been re-evaluated in this year of life and some of them have been replaced, others have been tweaked, and still others remain on the table as unsolved mysteries.  I preached and led a worship service for the first time too and that was an amazing experience.  I started this blog.  I met some new friends that have blessed me immensely.  I also celebrated my one year anniversary of resigning my commission in the Navy and walked down the aisle as the Maid of Honor in my Mom’s wedding.

In the midst of all that this were many tears, quite a few laughs (some from the toes), many hours of friends patiently listening to my end of conversations that all too often turned into monologues, and quite a few good books.   

All in all I can say this: I am glad to be alive.  As trying and gloomy as some of my days have been, I am still glad to be here on this third rock from the sun.  And I am glad to be a part of the Kingdom now.  So 28, here I am!  What will this next year of life bring?  No body knows.  But I am hopeful that God will give me the grace and strength to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God.

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10 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me”

  1. pinkhammer Says:

    I also had a super great pre-birthday get together with a few awesome friends and had a home baked red velvet cake by Tenacious Weed! It just so happens that is my FAVORITE type of cake and she didn’t even plan it! Her beautiful daughter helped decorate it.

    Oh, and did I mention Fish Clamor gave me roses and chocolate?!? I initially thought she might be trying to sweep me off my feet! ; )

  2. goodbadandugly2 Says:

    happy birthday belated! Cool blog!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    well, someone should sweep you off your feet. i want to be the competition!

  4. mary catherine Says:

    you forgot your surprise at your door and my little heart! that’s ok. my mommy is sorta overwhelming uh all the time. happy birthday to you!

    love mc

  5. pinkhammer Says:

    Yay! Mary Catherine commented on my blog! Yippee! : ) I love you and your mom. Thanks for making my birthday so special!

    Glad you stopped by GBaU! : )

  6. mary catherine Says:

    GBaU… shoot. my mommy is so clueless she didn’t get it. hmmmmphh. can you help her out? when are you coming home so i can love on you? i’m only 4 and my mommy and daddy are fighting because mommy wants an ipod, TOO, and daddy doesn’t want her to have one. cheeez whiz. get me outa here. what’s an ipod anyways. well i have a pretend one that is really not that thrilling.

    bye love mcat

  7. sarahbuildsbridges Says:

    i’m so sorry i was out of the blog loop. happy belated birthday! i’m so glad you were born!

  8. fishclamor Says:

    GBaU. will anyone ever tell me? is it a twenty something thing?

    –old fish new fish black fish blue fish

  9. pinkhammer Says:

    Thanks, Sarah : )

    FC: GBaU as my abreviation for someone above who left a comment (goodbadandugly). : )

  10. fishclamor Says:

    ah HA. i should have known. it IS a twentysomething thing. sorry GBaU; i should have known it was you ANYway ;-)

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