And I didn’t even die!

[Edited on 11/22/08 @2:26am – The preface for this post is that things were not what they seemed!  Please read the comments for the whole story!]

So as you can see by my last post, the Operations Christmas Child shoebox collection at my church went well.  Last night we transported all the boxes to a collection site in the area.  It was at a pretty large Baptist church in the area that shall remain nameless.  We arrived with three vehicles and a few women from the church came out to meet us.  They asked us about how many boxes and then one lady asked, “What church are you from?”  I responded and she said – no joke – “Oh!  I came and spoke there last year!  And I didn’t even die!”  My internal dialog went something like, “Did she really just say that?  She couldn’t have said that.  She really did just say that.”  Thankfully I was walking away from her already when she said it so I got to keep walking and didn’t really have to say anything in response but I did make an awkward laugh as I was trying to process what she had just said.  Apparently she thought God was going to strike her dead for speaking in church.  I wonder how she would have felt if she realized I was answering a call to ministry.

And so I am left baffled and yet understand completely the rhetoric that this woman ascribes to.  I am discouraged and yet encouraged at the same time.  Overall it really saddens me though.  It saddens me that there are so many folks who cram Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit in boxes they don’t belong in.  It saddens me that they cannot share communion with their fellow brothers and sisters.  And I don’t just mean bread an wine…I mean communion in it’s fullest sense of coming together as the body of Christ.  There are so many walls built up around fundamentalists.  *sigh*

Lord, hear my prayer.


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4 Responses to “And I didn’t even die!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Ok, I have to say something because you know I know this person and I know what she was talking about. If you knew her you would not have these issues that you addressed. She has a fear of speaking but such a heart for OCC that God uses her even with this fear. So… that is what she meant by she didn’t die.

    On a positive note, way to go on the boxes and thank you again for participating and doing such an awesome job. Also, I know it must have been hard to get them to the nameless church but.. I appreciate. I was here if you needed me. You knew that.

    Thank you again and have a blessed night.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Actually I read this over again an it does bother me you have these thoughts. I know her pretty well and she is pretty outspoken and since I know what she meant and you really didn’t I have to say you completely misunderstood her. That judgment needs to go about this since it was the wrong judgment. I do agree with you about the issue at hand, but at this church with this lady who has been working from 8-5 non-stop since Saturday, you have to cut her some slack. She didn’t think she was going to be struck dead. Just her terminology for tossing her cookies, passing out, throw up, etc… the list can go on. She has a bigger heart than you know. Possibly she didn’t come across correctly, but she is having a wonderful and blessed time at the collection center, but has been working hard and I have worked there over the week and it does take a toll even if you are serving the Lord. It is not easy on your body. Just rethink this post is all I am asking.

  3. pinkhammer Says:

    Hello Michelle. Thank you for the clarification. I don’t think there was any way I could have known all that, but I am glad it’s not what I thought. I definitely know what it’s like to be super stressed with life’s “stuff”! : ) I am glad it isn’t what I thought. A difference in opinion I can handle, but it just seemed so out there! I appreciate your perspective. Thank you for taking the time to help me understand. Things are definitely not always what they seem. : ) And now that you know how things went, I hope you will forgive the lack of response on Facebook…I owe quite a few folks responses on there!

  4. Michelle Says:

    Thank you for responding back and for understanding. Good to hear from you and thank you again for helping make quite a few children very happy and the opportunity to hear the gospel!!

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