As we all go home to our families…

This was part of the closing prayer this evening at a committee meeting at my church.  It stung.  My church doesn’t get it.  Singleness is not just a “waiting period” for marriage.  It’s my life.  Family worship really pisses me off.  That said (and yes I realize this might come off as hypocritical), it’s a bit more poignant being that tomorrow is my birthday and I will wake up alone.  And I will walk through life alone and I will come home to an empty house and go to bed alone.  And if you are even remotely tempted to give me the uber-spiritual “you’re not alone” answer, please stuff it.  It’s NOT helpful.  And oh yeah, it’s not hypocritical…it’s just complicated.

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6 Responses to “As we all go home to our families…”

  1. tenaciousweed Says:

    Ouch. Right in the soft spot on your pre-birthday. Your message calls attention to the sometimes “invisible” struggles of singlehood. It’s an important message that a lot of us miss, especially if we tend to remember life before children with an almost Utopian veneered fondness decorated with simplicity, simplicity, and 2:00am chili dogs if the hankering occurred. But that doesn’t deal fairly with the discordant times of too much stillness. Thanks for the honesty.

    I’m glad you’re on the planet. Much love to you.

  2. David Springstead, Sr Says:

    Shalom. And Happy Birthday! I understand where you’re coming from with this post. Though married for 28 years now I know the feeling of being single as well, having spent 2 years on the road as an actor 10 years ago. Not to mention all those years prior to meeting and marrying my wife. If people would realize that “family” is something more than spouse and possibly children, that there’s a consideration to those spending life by themselves, that the empty bed in the morning can be a cold reality, then perhaps they’ll begin to understand how hurtful their words can be.

    Know that I understand, or at least I’m trying to.
    May God bless you as you continue in your ministry.

    By the way, the first “preacher” of the Good News was a woman… her name was Mary (John 20:18). So, preach on!

  3. Pickle Person, Yellow Says:

    yeah, isn’t that just the coolest thing?

  4. pinkhammer Says:

    hello David : ) Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your words. And yeah…it’s definitely very neat that Mary was the first “preacher.” : )

    Thanks for the love and constant efforts to understand me, Tenaciousweed. You’re groovy, baby! ; )

  5. Ruth Says:

    Great post. Painful stuff. You’re really hitting the nerves lately, which means you’re where you need to be, don’t you think, processing your life, your call, the gospel, all of that.

  6. sarahbuildsbridges Says:

    happy belated birthday! i’m so glad you were born. hang in there.

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