Connected to God, Connected to Others

There as been a lot of internal movement and change going on for the past year and a half or so.  Probably more, but I think I finally caught on about that time.  When it comes to participating in…well…anything, I like clearly defined expectations and goals.  If they are not defined, that is the first thing I will try to do.  And organizing things is a big part of that.  What I have learned with respect to this character trait of mine is that while it is positive in and of itself, my blanket application of this way of doing things is, in short, not.  I remember in college I set up a Bible study in my dorm.  It was intended to be something to reach out to the folks who lived in my buiding.  The only people who ever shower up were the folks in my small group from church.  Thank God they did or I think I would have been devestated.  While it was sad and frustrating for me that no one else showed but, it is probably for the better!  I can say that now that almost 10 years have passed.  (Yowzah…my 10 year reunion is next year…I’m feeling faint!  Hah.)  So, while I have come to understand that the bottom line is that it’s not all about the bottom line whether it’s Bible study or fellowship or _fill in the blank here_.  BUT! being that God undoubtedly understands those of us who function on this goal based default there is mercy and grace!  I feel like God is showing me that the bottom line of ministry is to help people stay connected to God and connected to others.  And it echos The Great Command so it seems to me to be a legitimate synopsis of the purpose of ministry.  And this is so neat to me because it is not something I can do in and of myself.  It’s not measurable.  It’s not achievable by logical means.  Translation: it has to be completely and wholely a God thing!  And as someone who often feels quite capable and confident, resigning myself to this reality is a beautiful freedom.  Any thoughts from my friends out there in the blogosphere?

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3 Responses to “Connected to God, Connected to Others”

  1. fishclamor Says:

    well, speaking as someone who has been blessed with no ability whatsoever to organize or have clear goals or expectations, it has occurred to me that you must still be thinking the only reason we hang out is because we have ecclesiastes to read together (don’t we?). you are really good at whatever it is God has in mind for you to do (witness the love of the child). i’m glad you’re resigning yourself to the freedom of just hanging out to see what happens. just having you there, in any place, in any room, is healing, is whole, because you are so clearly ihs. and little hearts don’t know what that is, except that it feels good and they want to be RIGHT NEXT TO IT. i hope you let her please you and let her make you want to celebrate the choice you’ve made in your recent life (the fashion of the academic regalia is HUGE for her), even as she (& others) teach you that no plan is the plan for the the moment or the duration…

    fun to wake up and see you have so much to say! send me an e-mail; tell me what you want re: your poems? i am so glad to have read them. thanks for putting them up. i love to see that facet of you. you are getting very brave, chiquita! way to go. love, fc

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