I am noticing a strange phenomenon.  There are quite a few folks visiting this small part of cyber-space but not many folks are leaving comments.  I coul be left to think many things but it is probably none of those things or all of those things.  All that to mean there isn’t “one reason” people aren’t commenting.  So I just wanted to be open and honest about how I feel about comments:

I love them.

They are encouraging.  They are challenging.  They are insightful.  They are helpful in broadening my sometimes narrow perspective. 

Instead of rehashing this, I will instead paste some of an e-mail discussion with a friend of mine who communicated some reticence at leaving comments (she didn’t think she was smart enough!!  to which I say, “What-ever!!). 

You are beautiful. And your thoughts and feelings are completely worth hearing. I am not any better than you. I just see the world differently. I am thankful for the way God has made me and I am looking forward to seeing how he is going to use me but sometimes I feel like I am going crazy. So many thoughts inside my head. Sometimes I can’t stop thinking. And other times I second guess myself and wonder if people aren’t commenting on things I write or say because I am completely off my rocker. I doubt and question myself. Being analytical means I can see things about a situation that others don’t but it also means I analyze myself to death sometimes. So sometimes I need people who see the world from a different view point to bring me back down to earth. Sometimes my thoughts spark ideas that are inspiring to me because they are a new way of seeing things. So don’t be afraid to write. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of who you are. God made you just the way you are! And I love you just that way. I shudder to think what the world would be like if everyone were like me. It would be boring and unbalanced and insane! Your free spirit is nurturing to me. It’s life giving. It’s just what I need sometimes. It’s just what many people need sometimes. Just be you and try to be okay with that. You’re beautiful just the way you are. Don’t deny the world your beauty. You have things to offer us. Don’t let the enemy convince you otherwise. It’s true. Would this face lie to you!??! ; )

For some this may seem melodramatic.  Maybe.  But it’s how I feel.  And the more I learn about life and people, the more I learn that we are riddled with fears and insecurities about who we are and how God made us.  I am starting to be free from that.

Anyway, I would love to hear yor comments.  Whether they are comments of agreement or comments of disgust at what I have said, I welcome them.  Just please be respectful.  I do have feelings.  And don’t feel as though you have to list your real or full name in the comment.  Feel free to make up a nick name for yourself.  Anyway, there’s no pressure really…I just wanted to let my feelings be know.

Grace and Peace,
Pinkhammer  <><


7 Responses to “Comments”

  1. EJ Says:

    You know, it is the funny part of blogging. I am someone who overcame the concern for appearing to sound “good,” but there is a problem with that, too. It means I just write often and much, whenever. I’m not sure that is always helpful to anyone, not even to me. So, I go through spurts where I write much and often, and times I scale back to give everyone else a break from the spew.

    Regardless of whether I comment or not, does not necessarily mean that it hasn’t become a part of my internal arena. Sometimes, it just sinks in for knowing and I just let it be. It probably isn’t always helpful to you, but it is usually when I get the most of what I’m reading, because it bypasses my overly-active-thinking-but-not- too-organized-brain.

  2. sarahbuildsbridges Says:

    hey there… i totally got behind on reading your blog (and many other blogs). i think i’m caught up now, but i understand the value you place on comments. i have found that the more comments i leave, the more comments i get. but i also find that there are dry seasons and seasons of abundance. there are many blogs i read without commenting, or with only a very rare comment, but that, in so sense, is about not feeling able to weigh in, its just about not having anything add. or, sometimes, these bloggers get so many comments that i don’t see the point. i will comment here when i have time to meaningfully read and reflect. keep writing, comments or no!

  3. fishclamor Says:

    pink, for me, being just plain read is the thrill. i like the fact that no-one has to say anything about my poems, but they can if they want. so when i see the stats on my pages, that thrills me! but i am a writer, and that means one way communication is ok with me, and i think people like reading poetry & fiction better if they can just read it and go away with it in their heads. yours isn’t poetry & fiction though, so i know you have a different goal and a different feeling about it.

    just thought it might help to see it another way. look how many people read you, and maybe you can let that feel good in itself?

    on the other hand, comments are so amazingly encouraging, and i hope you don’t stop leaving them for me and others because i love what you have to say on any topic!


  4. pinkhammer Says:

    Thank you for all the great comments. : ) here are my replies:

    1) Sarah – I am definitely not going to stop writing or posting! : ) And I appreciate what you are saying about the waxing and waining of the blogosphere. And you definitely have a TON going on with school and that little one you’ve got growing up inside you. Totally amazing. Both the forming of life and the fact that you are doing all you are.

    2) EJ – I totally see what you are saying. And it’s very valid! I don’t comment on everyone’s posts all the time either.

    3) I am learning that for me, while I get a LOT out of writing, I also get a LOT out of dialogue.

    4) The purpose of my post about comments was to communicate my feelings and desires more than anything else. I can’t make people comment and I don’t want to. I just want folks to know, especially those who already read my blog and even more specifically those who I know in the flesh that read my blog, that I value their thoughts and opinions. : )

    So thanks for chiming in. I appreciate it! You guys rock!

  5. fishclamor Says:

    yeah, talking about writing is almost as fun as writing writing. witness the writers drinking or not drinking staying out till 2 in the morning after class talking about all their stuff and writing writing writing. that part is really, really fun. i wish that blogging & responding felt more like that!

    well we will have to hang out and bore the child by talking about your writing before you go back to work. thank you for posting the thoughts of your very heart on this site all the time. i love to read you.

    love fc

  6. wayne Says:

    I hear it the % of commenters are small. I try to comment plenty but there are few places I comment on all posts. Because so few comment, it almost makes you feel strange to leave a comment. OH well.

    so, I am here leaving a comment because I noticed your consistent flow of comments over at Ruth’s Work In Progress.

    Have a good day.

  7. pinkhammer Says:

    Thanks, Wayne. : ) I appreciate your comment. Definitely no pressure but I appreciate the fact that you joined the conversation! I hope you have a great day as well. : )

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