Hello friends.  Today I am exhausted.  For some reason I didn’t sleep very well last night even though I took narcotics before going to bed.  I will be napping soon for sure.  The trip to the doctors was uneventful which is good when you are talking about trips to the doctors.  They took the bandages off, redid the steri strips that are providing support to the internal stitches, and gave me a thing-a-ma-bob to help keep my toe pulled slightly to the right to help it heal right.  The doc doesn’t want to see me for a month.  I need to keep it dry for another week so I will continue to use the trash bags with medical tape trick, but other than that, I am free to hobble around at will.  I don’t want to get too cheeky though…it hurts like…it hurts a lot if I try to bend it normally.  And now for nap time…

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3 Responses to “exhausted”

  1. fishclamor Says:

    it hurts like…when you try to bend it normally? you are a clever woman, but i think this is the time to give you a couple rules of big toe. get it? you know, rules of thumb? HA!

    1) for heaven’s sake, don’t bend it yet!
    2) take your oxy’s. your doctor gave them to you so you would get well faster & easier.

    you know i’m a doctor. well, true, not that kind. but i am horrified by pain and don’t want you to have any!

    the hubster took your recycling out of my car and he was very sweet about it. the other bag broke and he just swept up the broken glass cheerfully and recommended that you use stronger trash bags! he was a real champ though, and took care of it all first for you and then for me.

    that was nice.
    i will post one of my stories this afternoon. it will be real short but can you primt it before reading? you might like it, but you might not. it is a story about what is not said!

    hope you have a lovely cuddly PAINLESS day. quit trying to bend your toe. yeah i saw you!

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Hah. You are too funny. : ) There is NO toe bending going on over here. At least on the left foot anyway. I would be in excruciating pain if that were the case!!! Just kinda an aching pain. The kind of pain that goes on when healing is happening. Not pleasant, but not debilitating. I guess I tolerate pain pretty well. *shrug*

    I don’t want to take the narcs because then I will be in a fog. Can’t write in a fog, can’t read in a fog, can’t think in a fog. At least not in that kind of fog!!! : ) It’s okay though. It’s not half as bad as my ankle surgery!

    Please tell your hubby thank you for me. I’m sorry the bag broke. : ( I look forward to reading your stories!!!

  3. fishclamor Says:

    take your MEDS for heaven’s sake. and if you don’t, don’t throw them away! i guess you do tolerate pain pretty well. i am completely in the tank for painless, though and i wish you get well fast!

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