As humans, we are all broken to some extent.  We hurt each other all day long.  Sometimes intentionally, many times without even realizing it.  So how do you help someone in their brokenness.  How do you call someone out of their hurt without hurting them more?  And how do you do that when it’s someone in your family?  I feel as though so a certain degree I don’t know where I have come from because the pieces of the story from generations past are broken pieces of glass on the floor where they fell and where they have been kicked around and broken more.  To pick any one up and examine it means risking getting cut.  I come from a line of very broken people.  Broken by abuse, broken by neglect, broken by misunderstanding.  Broken by bad choices made without thinking, broken by good choices made too late.  Broken.  I don’t know what to do with all the pieces.  They are so fragile.  And they are beautiful in what they could become.  But for now they are just broken pieces. 

Photo by: brokentrinkets



2 Responses to “Brokenness”

  1. EJ Says:

    I think you pray a lot. I think you realize it may not be your place to say anything, but seek to understand that what is broken isn’t about you and, most likely, you won’t be able to repair it. And if you still feel the need to speak, second and third guess it before saying anything. Especially with family.

    At least. my experience has been this, but I’m not always able to follow it.


  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Yeah…I think I need to lay aside my desire to fix things. It’s helpful at times, but it is not a good default. It’s hard to want to bring comfort and healing to people and realize you are either not equipped or not the one who is meant to bring it to that person.

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