I am usually pretty good at remaining objective and then making a decision on the facts.  It’s part of my personality type so I’m not puffing myself up here.  And I am definitely not saying that I am always objective.  That said, it was hard for me to remain objective as this debate went on this evening. 


  1. Sen. McCain’s incessant emphasis of his extensive world travel (we get it already)
  2. Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama talking over each other.
  3. Sen. McCain’s incessant harping on Sen. Obama’s naivete
  4. Sen. McCain’s incessant use of the phrase “Sen. Obama (still) doesn’t understand
  5. Sen. McCain’s incessant character attacks of Sen. Obama
  6. Sen. McCain’s poor grammar (i.e., “…committee that oversights NATO…”)
  7. Sen. McCain’s obvious assumption that all military veterans think he is the best thing since sliced bread
  8. Sen. McCain’s shameless plugs for veteran’s benefits.
  9. The moderators use of the term “your rule as president.”  So far as  know, the president serves.  Ruling is what monarchs do.  Slip of the tongue?  Maybe.  I find it a significant slip of the tongue. 
  10. Sen. McCain’s shameless use of emotional rhetoric.  We don’t want to just feel good.  We don’t want a band aid and a pat on the head.  We want long term solutions to legitimate problems.  Sen. Obama’s response of “I have a bracelet too” did seem a bit cheesy, however, I think his point was, there are emotions on both sides of the issue.  There are veterans who actually oppose the war in Iraq.

Note to Senator McCain: We get it.  You don’t agree with Sen. Obama.  I have a humble request.  Can you just state that and then tell us why instead of bashing someone who is a colleague?  Your snarky comments are not appreciated and despite popular belief, it doesn’t make me think you’re cool and that I should vote for you.  Citing your extensive experience leads me to believe that maybe you are part of the problem and therefore not part of the solution.  Maybe your experience is what helped get us here.  Maybe a little humility would help you serve the country better whether in your role as a Senator or should you be voted in as the President.

Note to Senator Obama: Please don’t play into Sen. McCain’s snarky comments.

Photo by: Hong Kong dear Edward

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