Let’s say hypothetically that an old boy friend (as in, a boyfriend from 12 years ago) “friends” you on Facebook.  And let’s say, hypothetically of course, that you decide to ignore this old boy friend since it was a…less than good relationship thinking, “Maybe he won’t notice.”  Then when old BF “friends” you again with a message attached that seems to lead you to think that maybe since he is an adult  now, he will behave as such so you accept his friend request and decide to give him a chance. 

If less than 12 hours after accepting the friend request the old BF leaves a comment on a picture (that he never had in this hypothetical situation, by the way) that he used to keep this picture above his bed, you decided to deleted the creepy comment and delete him as a friend, you might think he would get the hint that his advances (12 years after being dumped) are not at all (even remotely) welcomed.

But no, in fact this was not the case.  hypothetical ex-boyfriend decides to send you a message on Facebook tell you he loves you and he always will. 

So yes, this is not a hypothetical but an unwelcomed blast from the past.  And yes, I did permanently BLOCK this guy from being able to contact me EVER.  And NO it is NOT okay to pledge your love to someone you don’t even know anymore! The girl he dated is gone!  I am much different than I was 12 years ago, thank God.  Take a hint old BF!  And yes, I am a bit creeped out about this.


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