I have a dream in my mind for the next year of my life.  Here is what it would look like:

 – I hope to leave my current job by May of next year.  I have thought of maybe leaving in December and getting a temporary job and that is still a possibility.  I am trying to discern what would be best…both for me and for where I work.  I don’t want to leave them in a bad situation.

 – I hope to spend at least 1 month in Israel.  I’d love to spend more time if possible…it all depends on how this all pans out…or if it does.

 – I hope to start seminary full time at a location to be determined in Fall 09.

It will be neat to see how this plan takes shape…if it does at all.  I have hope that these pieces will come together somehow though I have no promise of that.  I just looked up air fare to Tel Aviv and it’s about $2,000 round trip.  And I just e-mailed a distant relative that lives in Jerusalem to find out about hostels, etc. that they would recommend.  Who knows….maybe I will be able to stay with her and her family even if only for part of the time.

It’s like a dream…how wonderful it would be if it became reality.

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6 Responses to “Israel”

  1. EJ Says:

    That would be a wonderful experience. I do hope it happens. BUT (if you go), you have promise to somehow keep blogging. ;)

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Definitely! I can’t imagine all the amazing things I would have to blog about! : )

  3. Ruth Says:

    When I traveled to Israel I took a course through St. George’s College in Jerusalem. It’s Episcopalian, they have a dormitory for students, plus a sort of hostel. I think you can find them through Google, let me know if you have trouble. I highly recommend them.

  4. pinkhammer Says:

    Thanks for the great advice. I will check them out!

  5. Heather Zempel Says:

    I highly recommend St. George’s, as well! Here is their website:

  6. pinkhammer Says:

    Great! Thank Heather : )

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