Anthropophobia is the fear of people or society.  Just to be up front, I do not think I have anthropophobia.  But, I looked that up because while I have touted that I am an introvert, I think I am actually an extrovert that is afraid of people to a certain extent.  Either that or I’m hiding from the world.  Or maybe I’m hiding from the world becuase I am afraid of people.  Hah.  = ) 

I just had a friend over for dinner and it was so nice to have someone to eat with.  I actually wanted to cook. 

So, while I definitely need alone time and prefer to work on certain tasks alone, I think I am actually an extrovert. 

It’s fun learning about yourself.  I feel more and more like I know who the hell I am.  That’s a nice feeling.


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One Response to “Anthropophobia”

  1. Ruth Says:

    I think we all have our wounds. They’re important, they make us who we are. Being in seminary has a way of exposing them, I think. Once exposed, we can choose not to be controlled by them. Like having that friend over for dinner. Like being honest on this blog. Hooray for you.

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