Because I said so

I am at the tail end of filling the paperwork required for the psyche eval for the ordination process in PC(USA).  There were 4 forms and 2 surveys.  The surveys were pretty straight forward and a couple of the forms weren’t too bad, but the others are killer!  I am doing one now titled  Analysis of Skills Survey.  Honestly I am getting a little lost in what they are trying to get me to do.  I am probably going to call tomorrow for some clarification.  One thing I have realized however, is that many of the accomplishments that are on my list are there because I did what people told me to or what I felt was expected of me.  That’s kind of depressing.  It is late and I am tired so I do not have time to reflect  on this thought any further.  But there it is.  Documented for future contemplation.


4 Responses to “Because I said so”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Oh yes, the psych evaluation… lol… my presbytery must do things a bit differently because I never had many forms, and definitely no surveys, to fill out. This presbytery uses a team, husband and wife, for the evaluations. We have to meet, talk for an hour or so, take several tests — one of which is the Myers-Briggs — then come back a week or so later to get the results and discuss it. I found the whole thing to be fascinating. I’d never done the Myers-Briggs before so it was really interesting to see my results (I’m an INFJ). It was SO me! lol.. I found myself saying over and over again “so that’s why I prefer this or that…” — anyway, it’s a good experience and very helpful for understanding why certain communication problems can occur between people, or why certain people make us crazy! (and vice versa, I’m sure.)

    And check your email — I sent you one yesterday. :)

  2. sarahbuildsbridges Says:

    first of all, awareness is the first step to healing or growth so… if you’re realizing even difficult things about yourself just in preparation for this process, that’s great!

    second, i hope you can embrace the whole experience as an opportunity to grow in self-awareness, but don’t read too much into the forms you’re filling out. wait until you can talk it through with a professional.

    i’m glad you had such a great get away.

  3. Ruth Says:

    I like the title of this post.

  4. pinkhammer Says:

    Yeah…I titled it that because it used to make me nuts when my mom responded to my questions that way. Sure there were times I needed to hear that, but many times my questions were not to challenge, but rather to understand.

    Thanks for the encouragement and good advice Sarah. I am trying not to read too much into it. Honestly the fact that I haven’t had much time to spend on this has resulted in hasty (though very honest) responses. I think part of it also is that while what I say above is true to a certain extent, I have also changed a lot in the past year so my persective of my past is different.

    Thank you for the e-mail Lorraine. It is great to hear from you! : ) I hope to respond soon. I am still playing catch up with life. Hah.

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