I feel fragile.  I feel easily breakable.  Just got an e-mail from my Prof that basically said “Assuming your request for an “Incomplete” is approved (which he is supporting me in) do you think you can have your paper complete by the end of August?”  This freaks me out more than it should.  I am technically supposed to have until the end of the semester but that is a bit excessive for one paper.  But three weeks from now?  *shiver*  What the hell is going on in my head?  It definitely has something to do with expectations because once I felt free of them, I felt great.  Now I feel the weight of the deadline for this paper and I am freaking out again.  “Freaking out” is probably an exageration but it’s definitely NOT a pleasant feeling.  On top of this, before this all happened, I asked this prof to wite a letter of recommendation for me and now he is making it seem like he may not write it.  *sigh* 

May Your will be done, gracious and loving God.

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One Response to “Fragile”

  1. pinkhammer Says:

    So there is more grace. Traded another e-mail with my prof and he said:

    1. You give me a deadline that you are comfortable meeting for the paper
    2. I will submit as many reference letters as you want within 2 weeks of when you turn in your final paper.

    Thank you, God. Thank you.

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