The Shack: A book review

I bought The Shack, by William Young, on Wednesday and finished it 3 days later.  For me that’s usually an indication that the book is very, very good.  If you are not open to the possibility that your perception of God and the world we live in might be…well, really wrong or at best very distorted, you will probably not like this book.  If you realize or at least have a sneaking suspision that when Paul said “we see through a mirror dimly” it was a severe understatement, you will enjoy The Shack immensely.  To start off with, I would recommend not reading the intro before you start the book.  I read it after I finished the book and I am so glad I did.  It just has too much info in it and it would have made me think too rationally about the story as it unfolds.  It is my humble opinion that you will get more out of the book by waiting to read the intro.  That said, I do recommend that you read it!  There’s some important info in there!
So a little about the plotline, Mack, the protagonist of the story, takes his children on a camping trip.  Unfortunately, just before they are about to leave, the youngest child, a little girl named Missy, is abducted.  Due to a clue left at the last place Missy was, it is probably that Missy is about to be brutally murdered.  The rest of the story deals with the aftermath of this and is a journey through one mans pain and confusion over the evil of this world.  His ideas about God, the way God interacts with humanity, and the way we should go about living this thing called life are explored, challenged, and restored.

I got a lot out of this book.  I think it is just what I needed in this moment in my life.  While my story does not contain anything as horrifying as the abduction of a child, there are a few ways in which Mack’s story is my own.  And I daresay that there are ways in which Mack’s story is our story.  It is well worth the read and it is doubtful that you will regret it.

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