Today I feel mostly distracted.  I woke up in good spirits this morning and took my bike for a spin around the neighborhood.  I would have gone more but I didn’t have my helmet on and I didn’t really have the time if I was going to make it to the early service.  We had a coffee house service thingie.  They’re trying something new to see how it goes.  Bible study was good especially since I actually read the passage we were going to be dicussing before hand.  And reading it actually made me excited.  Very cool.  Went to lunch with a friend from church and had a good time talking about life.  He does outdoorsy stuff (besides running) so maybe I’ll have someone to link up with for that type of stuff.  We’ll see.

I am reading a book for one of my classes about the Spirit and it is very interesting.  And since it’s interesting, I find it odd that I am distracted from my reading.  But there I go trying to assess why again.  I guess I do that because if I figure out the “why” I can fix it.  Or at least I think I can.  Or at least I’ll die trying.

I’m sleepy.  I think I’ll take a little “nooner.”  It’s well past noon, but it’s the same concept (i.e., catnap).


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