I love traveling.  Well…that’s not entirely true.  I love getting to the place I am traveling.  I do not enjoy the stop and go, 2.5 hour layover, beeping of all kinds noisiness of traveling.  I don’t enjoy schleping all my stuff through the airport even though I am well aware it is partially my fault because yet again, I have oer packed.  But oh the glory of getting there.  Of stepping out into new air and driving to see people you love.  Of new sights and sensations.  And the beauty of leaving things behind.  Good bye work.  Good bye monotony.  Good bye!  So yeah…my lack of appreciation for the process of getting somewhere in a general sense is seen very clearly in my travel experiences.  And yet, the realization that I can’t do a dang thing about getting myself to my destination any sooner, because even though there is a flight leaving to San Francisco earlier my baggage can’t be changed, makes me more at ease.  Just goes to show how deceived I am by the illusion of control.  Anyway, I am rambling now.

I owe a few responses to my previous two posts.  I just finished one of my classes and with this rip haven’t had much time to think about blogging.  I can only do so now because I am trapped in Charlotte Airport for the next two hours and I fell asleep on the plan reading and article by David M. Coffey titled Proper mission of Holy Spirit.  If you’re the praying type, please say a word to God for me.  I have a paper that I will be working on during my time in San Francisco which will be interesting.  My mom’s wedding is taking place on July 4th and so things will be busy. 

Photo by: Anirudh Koul


2 Responses to “Traveling”

  1. more cows Than People Says:

    so… we’re both here… right now… for weddings. hmmm… somehow i doubt we’ll meet, but wow. how crazy that we’re so close.

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    : ) Yeah…it is pretty crazy. It’s been an emo day for sure. I just about blew a gasket. Thankfully my grandmother came and saved the day. I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

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