Out of my Mind

I think I am out of my mind.  It (my mind) is racing but I can’t settle on what to think about.  Does that make any sense?  Yeah…I don’t think so either.  Maybe I could say it’s restlessness.  I guess that would describe it.  But why am I restless?  Heck if I know.  I should be reading articles for a paper I have due tomorrow.  I haven’t started it yet.  I am having a hard time concentrating on school stuff after crazy days at work.  It’s a combination of not wanting to focus and not being able to focus.  Maybe the repetitive music from the apartment next to mine has something to do with it.  Whatever the case may be I am going to bed in hopes of waking up a bit more….sane.

On another note, one thing I can seem to focus on is House.  It is probably not a good thing that I have figured out how to watch every episode of all four seasons of this great show online…for free…any time I want…muah ha ha ha ha!

Photo by: Leviathan/Steven



2 Responses to “Out of my Mind”

  1. fourchances Says:

    Many. many months ago I left, what I think was a comment that was not too acceptable to you. I think I have read maybe 12-15 of your posts before this one. Since you blog doesn’t have a home, search or any other kind of bearing marker, I have no idea how far ahead or behind of the post I commented on, that I am right now……but what I have read so far shows that you have come a long way–not always good for you I guess, but some times life’s lessons are not always the best. But, any way, Pink Hammer, your use of picture is very good. It makes me feel you are more of an artist than a theologian student (I apologize I am not sure of what phrase to use to describe where you are in your life. The “Venting” post with the picture of a heating or a/c vent was very good!! And you took me by surprise when all of a sudden, House, pops up on my screen.

    I popped in because your blog showed up on the google search box in my dashboard so I came to see how you are. My best to you and I hope all is well with you–Frank Within Crepusculum

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Hello Frank : ) Thanks for stopping by again. You will be happy to know that I preached for the first time this past Sunday. You can check out the 2nd draft by clickinghere. I made some changes before I actually preached but mostly just moving stuff around. : ) Thank you for your honest and challenging comments in the past. And yeah…I am a bit of an artist…but being able to communicate creatively makes things easier to remember so I think I will be able to incorporate my creativity into preaching as well as writing which I am learning really brings me quite a bit of fullfillment.

    Hope you’re doing well!

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