To blog or not to blog…

…that is the question.  I feel like all I do is complain on my blog.  I am now wondering if I should just stop blogging all together or try to make my posts more “happy.”  Truth is there are quite a few things in my life that I don’t like and for the areas I do like, I don’t feel like I have folks to share them with.  Maybe I am just an ungrateful wretch.  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.



3 Responses to “To blog or not to blog…”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Well… if you’re feeling that you complain too much — and there are areas in your life that you DO like — and, you feel like you don’t have anyone to share those with — well, share them here. :))) As a replacement for “complaining” I mean. Although, it’s your blog and seems to me you can use it however you want.

    And, did I tell you that I’m now officially a Candidate? woot! When do you go to your liaison group for Inquirer?

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Hello Lorraine :) I did see on Ruth’s blog that you are officially a candidate. Congratulations! That’s super awesome and exciting! Yay for candidate-ism! :) My meeting with the CPM is July 15th. I just missed the one in May so I had to wait until July. But that’s okay…I have all kinds of time. :) Systematic Theology is going well and I am really enjoying interacting with those ideas. My Christian Leadership Development course is going alright. It’s kinda cheesy albeit in a good way. We had a panel thingie last night and it turned out that the big boss of my department was on it so that was very interesting to hear his perspective.

    Anywho, I hope you are doing well! E-mail me soon wil’ya?!? ; )

  3. more cows Than People Says:

    oh, goodness. not you too… please keep blogging, pinkhammer. i don’t find your blog complainy- you are honest and searching about your struggles and I like that.

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