What have I gotten myself into

So there are a ton of kids in the apartment complex I live in.  I have become friends with a few of them.  They have just taken to me.  It’s kinda neat and slightly annoying at the same time.  Today this one little boy runs up my stairs and says, “We have an emergency!”  Now I’m thinking broken bones or something along those lines so I start to put down what I am doing (I was reading some dense theology on my porch) and ask, “What kind of emergency?” while eyeing my cell phone wondering if I am going to have to call 911.  And the little boy replies, “We have found a baby bird!”  And so after going to the location they found the baby bird and not seeing any type of nest, we called animal control to see if they could point me in the right direction.  They gave me a number to call and I left a message.  It’s dark now so the boys have gone home.  And who has the baby bird?  That’s right, yours truly.  I don’t know that I am going to be able to keep the little birdie alive, but I spose it’s better than leaving her (or him?) out to die alone.  I am not encouraged by what one website said about caring for baby birds:

  • nestling must be fed every 14­20 minutes from sunrise to sunset
  • an adult robin makes about 400 trips every day to feed its young
  • if the nestling is a few days old, it will take several weeks before it can be released
  • adult birds teach their young where to look for food and how to avoid predators – things impossible for humans to do.
  • They also said “You will need to provide a proper diet, clean suitable living quarters, and fresh water every day. Still, despite your best efforts, most hand-raised birds will die. This is the fate of most young birds in the natural world, where 90­95% perish before they’re old enough to breed themselves.”

    Not very comforting.

    Anyone out there have any bird raising hints for me?  What about names?  The little gal needs a name.  Since I don’t really know it’s a gal something unisex would probably be fitting.



    2 Responses to “What have I gotten myself into”

    1. pinkhammer Says:

      I am happy to report that baby bird (who remains nameless) has a home with a woman who knows how to take care of baby birds. Turns out the little gal is a Brown Thrasher. I am not happy to report that it is 5am and I am awake. What’s the deal?

    2. Ruth Says:

      So glad you found a home for the bird!

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