Never did I think that when I asked God to help me be more patient that he would do that largely by trying to teach me to be more patient with myself.  It is an interesting phenomenon and one I can say I am not really enjoying very much.  I don’t know who could say they enjoyed being taught to be more patient so maybe that’s stating the obvious.  Thing is I don’t even see it as being impatient with myself until I have worked myself up over something I haven’t done quite right or quick enough.  Case in point, I worked my tail off and missed many hours of sleep to get a paper in on time via an online submission system only to find out today that I uploaded the wrong file.  So now it’s late.  Great.  Frankly tat ticks me off quite a bit and I am finding it hard to not be mad at myself.  What a sophmoric thing to do.  It’s ony one paper…this alone will not make me fail the class.  If I don’t get an A because of this, I will not be upset or mad.  Honestly.  But what a stupid move!



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