On the question why

In my last post Excited, Ruth commented and said,

I’m glad you’re excited. Why not blog more about it, maybe make a list of exactly what you’re excited about. Catch it on paper. I didn’t respond to the advice thing, I am adviced-out.

I feel a little bad about her comment as my post was a general feeling from my life and not specifically the blogosphere.  Though it was kinda a response to my post CPM from the day before.

That said, here ’tis, Ruth!  : )  Thanks for the great idea.

Really the reason I am excited about having an interview with the CPM is because I am excited about going into ministry.  As such, my list will be titled:

Reasons I am excited about my call into ministry

  1. I have realized the call has on my life is intricately woven into my identity.  To step into the call is to step into the way God created me.  I think I should say however, that I do not believe it is my call that defines who I am.  I believe God who defines me through my call.
  2. Being that I am coming from a faith background that did not allow me to hear God’s call on my life, having finally hearing it and being in a place where I can put my “yes, Lord” into action is envigorating and inspiring almost beyond expression.
  3. I love to help people in ways that effect the way they see themselves, the world around them, and their Creator, God.  I love to contribute to someones depth of understanding in light of what God has shown me.
  4. In the spirit of number 2, I love it when depth of understanding leads to changed lives.  It’s neat to be used to free the captives and bind up the broken hearted.
  5. It is REALLY neat to look back on my life and see how God has been shaping my heart for my calling.  I now have words to express something of which I previously only had minimal intuitions.  I am definitely a work in progress, but I can see how God has humbled me in order to make me a leader who serves others instead of self.
  6. Being endorsed by session has placed me “under care of” the session.  That is comforting and I am looking forward to increased opportunities to learn, grow, and serve under their care.
  7. In addition to being endorsed by session, should the CPM approve that endorsement, it will (I hope) provide a framework of accountability and mentoring that I desire as I start this part of my faith journey.  There are obviously many who have gone before me in this and I covet guidance from this perspective.
  8. I said “Yes” to God!  ‘Nuff said!  : )

Okay…I guess that’s all for now.  Back to reading A Work of Heart by Reggie McNeal for my Christian Leadership Development course. 



2 Responses to “On the question why”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Hi there. I will email you with details of my experience so far. At least as far in the process as coming up for Candidacy. I’ll be doing that on May 27th at Presbytery. I am looking forward to it and believe it or not (I wouldn’t have believed it last year) I am not really too nervous. A little bit, but not too much. Sort of like preaching. My pastor told me — and also in school they said this — that if you’re not just a little bit nervous before you get up to preach then you should rethink what you’re doing. (that’s not a problem for me so far — I’m ALWAYS nervous before I preach! lol…)

    As for the CPM providing accountability and mentoring… well, I wouldn’t count on it, at least not for the mentoring part. My liaison group is made up of very nice people, elders and pastors. But there isn’t enough interaction between us for anyone to be a mentor. For me, that role is filled by my wonderful pastor, who teaches me, and challenges me, and prays for me. I would encourage you to find someone like that.

    Anyway…I’ll email a bit later. I’m visiting my parents in Pittsburgh and just got back from a walk. And believe me — walking in Pittsburgh is a whole different story from walking in northern Virginia. {gasp, wheeze} — the hills here are killers! I need a restorative.

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Cool deal, chica. Thanks for the feedback. Have fun visiting with your parents!

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