…the bills are paid, the dishes are done, the tub is clean, the bushes are planted, and the inbox was cleaned out a bit…

…but all that school work and reading I planned on doing didn’t happen.  Not good.


2 Responses to “well…”

  1. Lorraine Says:


    The president of my seminary often says that his house is never so clean as when he has a presentation to prepare or a paper to write. One of the women in my Systematics study group emailed us all when we were right in the middle of preparing for our big exam to say that her windows REALLY needed to be washed. She never washes windows. heehee…

    Me, I’m worse. When I’m procrastinating I play Runescape (an online game). At least housework is more productive.

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    : ) Yeah…I have gone through 2 bank statements now too. But NOW! it is time for sleep. : ) Good night!

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