I am pretty excited!  Today I spoke with…well…I don’t know what his title is, but he is on the Committee for Preparation in Ministry.  My appointment with the CPM is on July 15th at 9:30am!  Yay!  I am also a bit overwhelmed.  I would imagine it’s a bit like pregnancy.  Yeah…that’s a weird analogy but let me ‘splain it Lucy.  While I have never been pregnant myself, I know that taking the pee test and finding out your pregnany is very exciting.  That’s kinda where I feel like I was a couple months ago when I came to the point where I was certain God was calling me to be a pastor.  In meeting with my session, and now in setting up to meet with the CPM, I feel like it would be the same type of thing as a pregnant woman who starts to be able to feel that the baby is there growing inside her.  And then her stomach starts to grow and you can see that the baby is growing inside her.  I would imagine that’s a very womderful feeling but yet very overwhelming.  And humbling.  I don’t know maybe my anaology is totally off, but either way, I am excited and expectant and nervous in a wonderful way.  I hope I don’t come across as too goofy about this but hang it all if I do.  I get excited when I can see God’s leading hand in my life.

Okay…I am rambling now.  For my preacher friends, or those going through the inquirer/candidate process now (Lorraine!)…

what sage wisdom can you pass on to a newbie about meeting with the CPM for the first time?  I don’t want to put on any masks and be someone I’m not, but I do want to make a good impression.  I would appreciate your feedback folks!


2 Responses to “CPM”

  1. more cows Than People Says:

    dear one, i’m excited for you, but no time right now for advice. be you… be you… be you… and all shall be well.

    also… bring questions.

    that’s all i’ve got right now. love, me

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Bring questions…that is good advice. I will think on that. I definitely have tons of questions but I definitely want to ask the ones that would be most beneficial. Thanks! I know things are super busy right now so I appreciate the “note.” : )

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