So my to do list has become a bit more manageable.  I can’t let up yet mind you as I have stuff to finish up for one of my classes and the stupid thorn in my flesh writing seminar.  I took my hermeneutics exam today and I think I may have actually done well.  Granted some of that is because the 10 multiple choice questions were open book but that’s only 1/4 of the exam.  Anyway, the only school items that remain on my list are:

1) Finish nine small assignments for my Spiritual Portfolio
2) Write additional paragraph for my writing class paper
3) Schedule party time to take place after Spring Semester.  : )

I don’t know if there will be an actual party, but I would like to do something fun this weekend.  We will see.  A few folks have been talking about road trips the past few days…I am not excited about that in light of gas prices, but there is definitely a sense in which I want to get away.  I am excited about getting to go to Emmaus the weekend after next.  It should be good.

Alas, I am tired.  I ate a big dinner at Olive Garden and had a glass of wine as well.  My bed is calling me. 

Good night.

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