It was a dark and stormy night…

I love it when it is stormy out.  It’s the best weather in the world to curl up with a book and read…and fall asleep.  : )  The thunder is the best part.  That’s one thing I miss about Florida.  The consistency of the thunder storms was always something to look forward to.  And then there is the sound of the rain.  I love how it becomes pretty much the only thing you hear.  The dull roar of traffic noise is silenced by the cleansing rain.  It’s like it clears the air along with everything else.

It is late and I have had a good weekend.  Busy, but good.  And I just got a bunch of school work done so that is encouraging.  I still hae a lot to do, but I am glad to put a dent in it!  Just one more week…


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