Things to do…

So I haven’t written much lately.  The list below should help explain why.  I hope to write a post about #10 later.  Maybe tonight…

1) Voice chat tonight (T -21 minutes) for Spiritual Formation tonight for case study brief.

2) Laundry

3) Finish a dozen small assignments for my Spiritual Portfolio

4) Study for Hermeneutics final

5) Meeting with Mentor on Saturday morning

6) Finish chapters for meeting with Mentor on Saturday morning

7) Shop for Maid of Honor dress for Mom’s wedding

8) Cousin’s birthday party @ the bowling alley

9) Laura Story concert

10) Women’s Appreciation Sunday: I get to speak for 5 minutes on my call to ministry!

11) Prepare notes for 5 minute speech on call to ministry

12) Work an 8 hour day tomorrow

13) Dinner at a friends house on Sunday night

14) Revise Plagiarism Assignment for my writing class

15) Have a revision conference for my Revised Plagiarism Assignment

16) Write additional paragraph for my writing class paper

17) Walk to Emmaus retreat starting Thursday

18) Breath


3 Responses to “Things to do…”

  1. heatherelizabeth Says:

    Oh holy cartwheeling cow!!!! Such wonderful things God’s painting into your life. And breathing is definitely a grand item to put on your list.

    You’re doing Emmaus?!? Not being a girly one, this urge to squeal for you is a little overwhelming. So awesome. Excited like a hummingbird on speed for you! Is it at Blackstone? Can I come to the candlelight? Man, is that just so Jumping Jesus kind of cool. I will be so on my knees for you while you’re there.

    Maybe we’ll see each other at the monthly Emmaus Gatherings if you ever want to go. Yeah, baby, yeah!

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Heather…you are one cool chic. I have no idea where it is. That is super strange for me, but I was told my sponsor would take care of the details so I am relying on that. I’m a planner so that’s hard, but it’s good to be stretched. :) I have no idea what “the candlelight” is, but if it is something you can come to that’s fine by me. Oh…and don’t tell me what it is…I want to be suprised. :) I’m sure I’ll learn more about the monthly gatherings so we’ll talk later on that I’m sure. And one more thing about your response…thank you for being you. :)

  3. pinkhammer Says:

    Seems I was missing a whole week in my mind. Unfortunately the Walk to Emmaus isn’t this week but next week. I had the date correct in my head but forgot about all the days that had to take place before that date. *sigh*

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