Okay…so the other day I blogged about being an ISTJ.  Well lately I have been really confused about the first letter in that sequence of four.  Am I an ‘I’ or an ‘E’?  I don’t feel like this should be so confusing. If they are polar opposites then everyone should be one or the other.  If it’s a spectrum, everyone should tip the scales one way or ther other.  Riiiight?  Well that’s what I think!  But man do I confuse the skubala out of myself!  Maybe I have multiple personalities.  Yeah…just kidding on that one.  But really…I crave to be with people, but need time alone.  I don’t like big groups, but I could talk forever and a day one on one with someone.  I don’t get me.  I don’t get me at all.  So maybe I’m an Ixtrovert.  **shrug**



4 Responses to “Ixtrovert”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Maybe when you take the test you’ll find you score just about in the middle between the “I” and the “E”. Some people — I’m one of them — score waaaaaaaaaay over on the ends — my tester called me a “true type”. Others score more in the middle and that just means you’re more comfortable in both. Maybe people like you — if indeed you score that way — are better equipped to get along with everyone. I don’t know… I know that I would never say “I crave to be with people” — I like people (I hope so, in this business!) and I get along with people. And I look forward to events with people, but only small events. But — after any event with people, whether it’s many or a few, I can say that I “crave” to get away and be by myself.

    Well, it’s very interesting. Are you officially on the Inquirer track yet? If so, when will you do your psychological testing? Like I said earlier, it was fascinating, and everything they said just made sense. And I found myself saying “oh, so that’s why I’m like to do such-and-such”… lol.

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    No…I’m not officially on the inquirer track yet. And I am bummed about it. I am forcing myself to be disciplined and finish my school work before I pull my form one out again. All the easy stuff is done. I pretty much just have the questions to answer which I have started but need to spend some more time on. I really, REALLY want to do that RIGHT NOW but if I do, I will not finish my exegetical outline since it’s due tomorrow. No dice. It’s frustrating.

  3. Ruth Says:

    It’s possible to be an “X” instead of an I or an E, when you’re “on the fence”. That’s what I am, and actually, I think it’s a great way to be for a preacher. Think about it: we spend a lot of time alone, doing our creative study thing. Then we get up in front and talk about it to people, and talk about other things to people. A lot. In meetings. Ine on one. So it’s good to be able to draw on both the introvert and extrovert sides of a personality. I DO know that I am “wired” after church in a wierd way, and used to think I would accomplish all this great stuff on Sunday afternoon, but then I don’t, I collapse. So now I don’t bother fooling myself. Sunday takes a huge amount of energy, even if it does stimulate some creative work. I think is an intro/extro thing.

  4. pinkhammer Says:

    Interesting. Thank you for your perspective. It will be interesting to see how the MBPI pans out when I take the full one. I can definitely see how it would be a beneficial thing to be “on the fence so to speak.” I guess it just makes it more complicated to understand myself. Maybe I should just equate complicated with interesting and exciting in my head and leave it alone! My rational brain has a hard time with that! : )

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