Is it weird?

Is it weird that I like to read blogs of random people I have never met?  It is strange that I am comforted by their stories of life and living?  Laughing and crying?  Joy and suffering?  Is it odd that I am encouraged by the normalness of life?  How come we don’t have conversations like this in real life?  Or does it just seem that way?  Why do we all wear masks as if we are competing to see who can be the most fake?

I am tired.  I should work on my paper some more but I don’t think I can concentrate any longer.  I think I will go to bed.  Hopefully I will not regret that.

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5 Responses to “Is it weird?”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Well…. if it’s weird, then I’m weird with you! lol… I have a list saved in a “favorites” folder, mostly from the RevGalBlogPal group. Sometimes when I’m trying to procrastinate I’ll just hit “random” on the blog ring link, and see where I end up. There are quite a few who I discover are here in my own Presbytery (National Capital), some who blog under their real names, others who don’t.

    And, if we’re lucky we have a couple of people who we do have these types of conversations with, “in real life.” But I think that it’s more difficult for those of us who are still in seminary or who are just starting in our first church, because we haven’t had time to build a network of colleagues and friends in ministry. I wish I had more of this. I’ve made several close friends at seminary, but we never have time to see each other except at school. And as you know, with all the reading and papers and exams, who has time for anything else? And there’s such a huge number of people at my seminary who are commuters, some who come from several states away (they cram all their classes into two or three days, stay overnight those nights, then drive home) because they are what the Methodists call “student pastors” of teeny rural churches. So no time for them to do anything else at all.

    So, will you regret going to bed early? Not me, I’m a morning person. Sometimes I’ll struggle to accomplish something late in the evening, then quit without much done, get up the next morning and the words just flow. Last night I was trying to read something about the Greek word for “just” and its cousins “justice” and “to justify” and “justification”. And how Paul uses the same root word for all of those, but in English we have “righteous” and “righteousness” along with “to justify”. Interesting, but my head was spinning (since Greek was NOT my favorite subject, omg..) So I quit and played a computer game for awhile, then went to bed. …. slaying dragons does wonders for a fuzzy brain. lol…

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    Yeah…I don’t regret going to bed when I did…yet. My exegetical outline is dues Tuesday and I have Smallgroup tomorrow night which I am trying not to miss. I slept like a baby last night so it was definitely the right call to go to sleep. :)

    You should try out the google rss feed. I have all the blogs I like to read plugged in there and it retrieves the posts for me. Then you can click on the link to the post if it looks interesting and you want to read the comments or post one.

    That’s interesting about the greek words you were studying. I haven’t taken Greek yet but I am looking forward to it.

    And yeah…slaying dragons is definitely cool as skubala. ; ) Hah. I can’t believe I just typed that. I’m such a geek.

  3. more cows Than People Says:

    i love the word “skubala”!

    this happens, this feeling bonded to people we’ve never met through blogs. it is strange, but it is a gift. i’m glad it is a gift you’re receiving.

  4. pinkhammer Says:

    Hah. That’s great that you love the word “skubala.”

    And I agree…being able to share in people’s lives through blogs is a gift. Life is too good not to be shared.

  5. Rob Monroe Says:

    I stumbled on yours today and enjoying stories, and even commenting. :o) I have learned a lot about some pastors that I know in real life, and have begun conversations outside of the web because of things said ON the web. Very fun.

    I am also friends with people that I only know online, and have reconnected with old friends that found my blog by googling. (yeah, ego boost for me that someone even remembered me!)

    I say keep reading random blogs. Might even begin with mine… :o)

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