So I took a short version of the Myers-Briggs survey thing and the results were that I am an ISTJ.  For a not so brief description of what that means, click here.  They also have strengths and weakness information as well as other fun facts about ISTJs here.  Any other ISTJs out there?



8 Responses to “ISTJ”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    INFJ here. Have you done your official “psychological assessment” for your Presbytery yet? You’ll get the full Myers-Briggs with that (along with that weird “Minnosota Multi-blah blah” thing – can’t remember the full name). And a long interview with the psychologists. Fun, fun. That’s partly sarcasm, but it was also pretty interesting. I hope you’re in a Presbytery that uses a good psychologist. Apparently mine used to use a not-so-great place, but thankfully they’d changed it before I came along.

    And by the way, interesting about being at a Pentecostal seminary! I was the one who asked you about that, but then didn’t respond. Anyway, that could be interesting for a Presbyterian! Are there any other Presbys there? I’m at a Methodist seminary and there are about 15 or so Presbys. We have a nice group, who try to support each other against any Methodist theology that might creep in. That’s a joke, for all you Methodist readers! Although…there is that matter of prevenient grace.

    We’ve got exams coming up — either mid-terms or “three-quarter terms” — that’s a phrase coined by those profs who don’t give final exams — so they give us one exam at the three-quarters mark. Our Systematic Theology class has that (it’s on the 14th, eek) because we have a HUGE paper (40-50 pages, which is a revision of last semester’s 25 and then the addition of this semester’s 25) due at the end. sigh..

  2. Ruth Says:

    I tracked back to you, you tagged me for the Presbyterian Meme and I’m catching up a bit. About the MBPI — you and I are virtually opposites, I’m an INFJ, so I’d be curious how that affects ministry. Anyway, I’m asking permission to link blogs, if you like? Ruth, at Work in Progress.

  3. pinkhammer Says:

    Wow…two INFJs in a row! I haven’t done my psych assessment yet so I will look forward to the MBPI. It will be interesting to see if the results are different than the abbreviated version.

    As for Presbyterians at seminary, I have not yet met any presbyterian students but a few of the profs/faculty go to my church so that’s nice. I am sure there are a few so I’ll have to keep my radar on. ; ) I need to set something up where I am talking theology with one of my pastors so I can sort out the “renewal” theology from the curriculum and make sure I know the difference between that and reformed theology. And for those who don’t know (cause I didn’t until recently) renewal theology is a general term for Pentacostal and Charismatic type theology. And that’s a board subject for sure so not all together helpful but that’s what I was told. Anyway, I kinda feel like I am at a jumping off point so we’ll see where God leads.

  4. Ben Says:

    I’m an ISTJ, borderline ESTJ.

    When I went through training for my job, it was mostly engineers and mid-to-high level managers. Half the class was ISTJ (engineers) and the other was ENFJ (managers). It was really weird.

    These ratings can change based on what you’re doing in life (especially I and E).

    I did one assessment in a team training situation where we combined the scores of everyone and saw what the “Teams” mindset was. I thought that was pretty interesting.

  5. pinkhammer Says:

    Yeah…lots of people think I’m an ‘E’ and I can see why they would think that, but I think I am an ‘I.’ I am probably kinda right on the line too.

  6. Ben Says:

    I’ve heard of other tests that define “I” and “E” where you get your values from, “I”s being from internal, and “E”s being from the outside. In that test, I was a much stronger “I” then in the typical Meyers-Briggs.

    I guess the next question is whether every person is truly defined in one of 16 groups….8-O

  7. pinkhammer Says:

    Interesting. That definitely makes me more of an ‘I’ I think. As for your next question, I would say yes but no. I think all the groups are on a spectrum and where people fall on the spectrum(s) will be different for each person. : )

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