1 Tim 2.11-15

So I am doing an exegesis paper on 1 Tim 2.11-15.  Anyone out there have any good references that I should check out?  Online or otherwise is greatly appreciated.  I can check the library here at school to see if they have specific books.

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  1. Lorraine Says:

    On-line try http://www.textweek.com — it’s full of good resources. For books, the New Interpreter’s BIble is the one we all use here. Of course there are a ton of others, but you could start there.

    And yes, try to get a handle early on about the differences between Reformed theology and the Pentecostal variety. (going back to your previous post.) Your CPM will be concerned. Two books you should probably own — just what you need, I know, is more books — but — Christian Doctrine by Shirley Guthrie, and Introducing the Reformed Tradition by Donald McKim. The McKim book is written in much easier language (although Guthrie is very readable), so it’s a good supplement to Guthie, for each doctrine. We’re using them both in Reformed Theology class. Especially when you get to “sin” and “salvation” and “sacraments” there are going to be differences. There are some major ones between Methodists and Presbyterians, so I can’t imagine what the gulf is between Pentecostals and Presbyterians! It’s all very interesting, I think. How we all got splintered into all these denominations, when it’s the gospel at the heart of all of them.

    Well, okay, enough advice. All you did was ask about exegetical resources! lol.. sorry.. :)

  2. pinkhammer Says:

    You definitely don’t need to be sorry! I just bought a few used books online about reformed theology but there is a LOT out there so I appreciate the guidance. I will check out that web page. Thanks. : )

    On another note, when are you going to get a blog? Or do you have one already? Sharing is caring! ; ) I have no idea what cheesy kids show I picked that up from but it makes me laugh every time I say it. No matter that no one else thinks it’s funny…

  3. Obsessed « The Pinkhammer Says:

    […] I am referring to humanity.  I am reading for my exegesis paper which as I stated in an earlier post is on 1 Timothy 2:8-15.  Since a HUGE art of the debate about this passage is the use of the word […]

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