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1,000 Hits & other random thoughts

April 28, 2008

I was just checking for comments on my blog and saw to my surprise that I have over 1,000 hits.  That’s significant I think.  It’s kinda crazy that so many folks have perused my thoughts.  Now only if I could say things that would spark more conversation.

I have a new laptop (yay!) and I like it a lot.  It’s a Dell Vostro 1400.  Only problem is sometimes (read more often than not) the ‘v’ key doesn’t work.  I’m not sure if it’s the way my finger hits the key or what but it’s making me a bit crazy.

I found out today that I will definitely be going to the next session meeting to present/answer questions about/etc./????? my Form One.  I am not sure what to expect but I am pretty sure it will go well.  If there is one thing the Navy prepared me for (and there are many to be sure) it’s having oral boards with people asking me all kinds of crazy questions.  Granted they were never personal in nature so that will be an interesting dynamic.

I had two run ins with the law this past week.  Well, kinda.  The first one, I was driving home from a church service/hanging out at a friends house when I see blue flashing lights in my rear view.  How craptastic (to use a phase that J has reportedly coined.  So I turn off on the next street and get my license out.  The police officer comes to my window and says, “Your headlight is out.”  And I swear I heard angels sing.  No ticket, no citation, just friendly assistance.  The second time wasn’t really with the law.  Well, at least not in the same sense.  See, what had happened was…I was at my uncles house which is a bit more in the sticks than where I am.  It’s not far away, but it’s far enough away that the nearest convienence store is “Little Earles.”  (I would link but get this, they don’t have a website!).  When I left his house, I wasn’t headed home, so I had to think about how to get from Point A to Point B.  Well, I failed.  I made a left at Albequerque (spelling?) instead of a right.  And where did I end up?  I Toll Booth with NO CASH.  Great.  And there was no place to turn around.  So I had to fill out this stupod form that I have 7 days to mail off to pay my $2 toll for a wrong turn.  Oh…and then the other $2 for the return trip through the toll so I could go the direction I should have gone to begin with.  That was one expensie wrong turn!  I mean it’s only $4, but for a wrong turn?  Sheesh!





April 26, 2008

Stick a fork in me…I’m dun!

That’s right…the semester is over!  One down and about 9 more to go.  Yikes.  One at a time, Sara!  Sheesh!

I am pooped.  Good night!


April 24, 2008

So my to do list has become a bit more manageable.  I can’t let up yet mind you as I have stuff to finish up for one of my classes and the stupid thorn in my flesh writing seminar.  I took my hermeneutics exam today and I think I may have actually done well.  Granted some of that is because the 10 multiple choice questions were open book but that’s only 1/4 of the exam.  Anyway, the only school items that remain on my list are:

1) Finish nine small assignments for my Spiritual Portfolio
2) Write additional paragraph for my writing class paper
3) Schedule party time to take place after Spring Semester.  : )

I don’t know if there will be an actual party, but I would like to do something fun this weekend.  We will see.  A few folks have been talking about road trips the past few days…I am not excited about that in light of gas prices, but there is definitely a sense in which I want to get away.  I am excited about getting to go to Emmaus the weekend after next.  It should be good.

Alas, I am tired.  I ate a big dinner at Olive Garden and had a glass of wine as well.  My bed is calling me. 

Good night.


April 23, 2008

I’m so mad and frustrated right now I don’t even know what to do with myself.  I don’t understand what God is doing.  Maybe that’s because it is not God?  Maybe this is part of the spiritual battle?  I don’t know.  I am going to bed.

Things to do: Revised and Updated

April 21, 2008

1) Voice chat tonight (T -21 minutes) for Spiritual Formation tonight for case study brief.

2) Laundry Praise God I have clean socks now!

3) Finish a dozen nine small assignments for my Spiritual Portfolio

4) Study for and take Hermeneutics final

5) Meeting with Mentor on Saturday morning

6) Finish chapters for meeting with Mentor on Saturday morning

7) Shop for Order Maid of Honor dress for Mom’s wedding

8) Cousin’s birthday party @ the bowling alley

9) Laura Story concert

10) Women’s Appreciation Sunday: I get to speak for 5 minutes on my call to ministry!

11) Prepare notes for 5 minute speech on call to ministry

12) Work an 8 hour day tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and… (ad nauseum minus weekends)

13) Dinner at a friends house on Sunday night

14) Revise Plagiarism Assignment for my writing class

15) Have a revision conference for my Revised Plagiarism Assignment, Monday @ 12pm

16) Write additional paragraph for my writing class paper

17) Walk to Emmaus retreat starting Thursday, May 1st

18) Keep breathing

19) Buy text books for Summer semester: Systematic Theology 1 and Christian Leadership Development

20) Schedule party time to take place after Spring Semester.  : )